Transportation details to visit some top places when you travel to Tokyo

Japan is a great place to visit as it comprises of some very ancient as well as recent trend aspects to visit and enjoy. Tokyo is basically covered with very dense networks of subway, bus lines and train that would be operated by various companies. Here are some of the top places to visit when you travel to Japan:
Senso Ji:
You can reach Senso Ji via three different means that would include by air and by Shinkansen. Senso Ji temple would be very close from Asakusa station that would be served by toby railways, Ginza subway line and the Asakusa subway line.
If you are planning to reach from Tokyo station then you need to catch the JR Yamanote line towards the Kanda station that would be around 2 minutes journey and then transfer towards the Ginza subway line to reach Asakusa
Cost: it would cost you around 140 Yen to reach Kanda station and then about 170 yen to reach Asakusa so total of 310 yen would be fare.


If you are planning to reach Senso Ji temple from Shinjuku station then you need to catch the orange JR Chuo line that would lead towards Kanda station which is about 10 minutes of journey and then you need to transfer to Ginza subway line to reach the Asakusa station, which would be around 10 minutes of journey only.
Cost: it would cost you around 170 yen to reach Kanda station and again 170 yen to reach Asakusa so total expense via this route would be 340 yen.

Tokyo sky tree:
It is one of the tallest skyscrapers that you can find in Tokyo, Japan. All those who visit Tokyo must pay a visit to this sky tree to enjoy the beauty of Tokyo from very formidable height.
The entrance to the Tokyo sky tree is considered to be on the Tokyo sky tree town 4th floor. It spans the area among Oshiage station that is present on the Asakusa subway line, toby Isesaki line, Tokyo sky tree station, which was earlier known by the name Narihirabashi station, Keisei Oshiage line and Hanzomon subway line.
Alternative it would be around 20 minutes’ walk if you consider the path across to Asakusa via Sumida River.
There are plenty of direct buses available from Tokyo station as well. It would be around 30 minute’s journey and there is 2 buses for every hour, Tokyo Disney resort, Uneno station and Haneda airport.
• From Tokyo station it would be 520 yen
• From Uneno station it would be 220 yen
• From Tokyo Disney resort it would be 720 yen and
• From Haneda airport it would be 920 yen

Meiji shrine:
For all those who are planning to reach Meiji shrine, they need to start from Harajuku station that is present on JR Yamanote Line or can also reach the Meiji Jingu Mae station that is found on the Fukutoshin and Chiyoda subway lines.
One can visit Meiju shrine from early morning to sunset and it would be open every day including Sundays as well. However, if you want to visit treasure house then it must be visited within 16:30 from the month of November to February.
Cost would be 500 yen.

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