Tour to Stuttgart, the Mercedes factory city in Germany

Stuttgart is located on the Neckar river middle reaches, the capital of Baden – Wurttemberg and Swabia center, covering an area of 207 square kilometers and having a population of nearly 600,000 people.
After reconstruction, the economic development of Stuttgart is booming. It has become the highest income, and one of the lowest unemployment rate in Germany. Stuttgart is a modern city with picturesque scenery, and is also one of the most populous city in the German.
Beautiful Stuttgart is a “Mercedes-Benz auto city”, Stuttgart Mercedes-Benz car manufacturing is the main part of the industry in Stuttgart, and almost every family has a Mercedes car. Visit the Mercedes-Benz car manufacturer is an important part of the tourists to Stuttgart.

Tour to Stuttgart, the Mercedes museum
Stuttgart is a charming metropolis in southern Germany, especially in music and art lovers. The state opera ballet and here are enjoying high reputation in the world. Stuttgart has a large number of various types of museums, such as Mercedes-Benz car museum, porsche car museum and old wine brewing museum and so on. In addition, the city has a lot of festival celebration every year, such as Oktoberfest, wine festival and one of Europe’s most distinctive Christmas market, etc. Mercedes-Benz car museum set works and automobile corporation, from the world’s first car to the Japanese Hirohito’s car, the first named Mercedes car that new sports car, all can see in the museum. You can also buy the souvenir. Stuttgart, Germany beer festival (Cannstatter Volksfest) the festival began in 1818, formerly Thanksgiving celebration, has developed as one of the world’s largest beer festival. Beer festival last 16 days, its symbol building is the 24 meters high fruit pillar. Start with the traditional cruise beer festival activities every year. When people from around dressed in traditional costumes in the state by the elaborate carve beer car, took to the streets parade to celebrate the occasion.

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