Top 7 tourist attractions in Brussels, Belgium

1. Grand Place
Grand Place is in the center of the city square in Brussels. The square surrounded by gothic, Renaissance, Louis xiv surrounded by buildings. The tallest building is the city hall, a typical Gothic architecture, built in 1402-1480. On the top of the tall tower 91 meters high, is the patron saint of 5 meters high golden statue of Saint-Michel. Opposite the town hall is called "the king's home", the palace was Louis xiv of France, presently for bi is the national museum. The city hall to the left of the swan, Marx and Engels had jointly drafted the "communist manifesto" here. Other buildings around the square were all kinds of industry association site of the 17th century, each guild buildings on the door of the sculpture are the bank will be revered figures or symbolic animal sculpture.
2. Manneken Pis
Manneken Pis named "Brussels first citizen". The statue was built in 1619, about 50 cm high. The pee story of Manneken Pis is from folk legends, Belgium. When Spain occupant evacuated from Brussels, they wanted to use explosives to blow up the city. Thanks to the little boy night urination doused the fuse saved the whole city. In honor of the little hero, sculpture like this. This statue becomes to Brussels guests will go to place to go sightseeing. From 1696, the Dutch governor for he has made the first piece of clothing are the guests from all over the world for his clothes. So Manneken Pis change of different clothes frequently.

Palais DE Justice brussels
3. Palais Roya
Palais Royal is the most magnificent buildings in Belgium, a Belgian king's apartment. Such as the palace without a flag indicates that the king is not in the house at the top, then the palace free open to the public to visit. Internal reference to the palace of Versailles palace style decorated with a large number of murals, crystal lamp. In front of the palace is a Brussels park, the park is behind the national palace, for the Belgian parliament complex.
4. Palais DE Justice
Palais DE Justice was the largest the judicial building in Europe with a total area of 26,000 square meters. Building the dome of the four corners there is symbolic statue of law enforcement power, kindness, and law. Inside tower was built in 1866, and a large part for auditing hall, and law enforcement agencies and the archives office. The dome of the central hall is as high as 122 meters.

Palais Roya brussels
5. Atomium
Atomium designed for the 1958 world expo logo. The design is the result of atomic structure, nine huge metal ball connected by thick steel pipe. The size of iron cube crystal magnified 165 billion times. The total weight of Atomium is 2200 tons, and high in 102 meters. Now, the various topics are within the sphere of science and technology exhibition hall. Respectively displayed with solar energy, the peaceful use of atomic energy, aerospace technology, the respect such as astronomy, and about the history of meteorological service in Belgium, meteorological satellites, weather radar, meteorological communication chart, etc.
6. Mini - Europe
The Mini - Europe is not far from the atomic ball the European places of the miniature park. Here assemble Europe famous buildings and places of more than 300. The 50th anniversary of the Arc DE Triomphe, not far from the European Union office building is a large park and a set of monumental buildings, it is Belgium's king Leopold ii to commemorate the Belgium in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the independence and contribution. In the middle is a three-arch Arc DE Triomphe, on both sides of the building is now a house museum, with the royal museum of art and history (KMKG - mrah. Be), car museum and military museum.
7. Waterloo town
The town is located in Brussels, 20 kilometers south of Waterloo. Is a famous site of the battle of Waterloo, in European history. On June 20, 1815, after just 24 hours dogfight, France lost 27000 people, the coalition of 22000 people. Napoleon's disastrous result, forced to once again announced abdication, was exiled to island of st Helena in the Atlantic. In the ancient battlefield scene, now the main memorial building was built in 1826, Sierra Leone, 50 meters high, the top of the mountain is in the battlefield of molten iron 28 tons of lions. Climb 226 steps, overlooking the panoramic view of the ancient battlefield. Hill has a memorial, annulus panoramic painting depicts the battle scenes at that time.

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