Top 10 most attractive beaches in the world

Imagine lying in the warm sand, the drink in his hand, and use sunscreen gently daub your whole body. To relax enjoy, and we will start to visit the world’s most famous beach.
10. Fiji Natadola beach

Surprisingly, Fiji, the weather is so hot, but never reach the point of heat. Natadola beach in Fiji’s main island of Viti Levu island, and there may be the most beautiful white sand beaches. Natadola beach with charming natural scenery, and arranged from swimming to ride a horse. If you like gentle dry weather, so the choice of the may to October, while the tourists like to warm and moist weather should be in December to another year of visiting Natadola beach during April.

9. Tenerife beach of Canary Islands
Because of the close to the equator line, Canary Islands weather unchanged all the year round. Is Tenerife Canary Islands (the Islands belongs to Spain), the largest component. Artificial reefs were surrounded by the beach. The weather is almost perfect, and the temperature from 68 degrees to 77 degrees f (20 degrees Celsius) (25 degrees Celsius), water temperature from 66 degrees Fahrenheit (19 degrees Celsius) to 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees c). Incredibly, the island of rainfall days less than 30 days a year. If you don’t like too many tourists, to avoid the vacation there,and between may and November tourists are least.

Fiji Natadola beach

8. The Philippines Boracay beach
Although not as famous as other beaches, Boracay beach has its “white beach” won many awards. The water here is very shallow, and the sand here was light and small than most of the islands. Here with lots of beach attractions and more than 2000 rooms, you will find your favorite one here. Boracay beach also has a variety of restaurants, beer bar, a hotel and management in the club.
7. Phi Phi in Thailand beach
First suggestion is to book in advance, especially if you want to live in the hotel. Phi Phi island has two: Ko Phi Phi Don island and Ko Phi Phi Leh island (smaller). In the larger Ko Phi Phi Don island, there are several very good restaurants, beer and coffee shops. From November each year to the second year in January, they are all very busy, because at that time the sky is blue, the sea is calm, and is the dry air. In the rainy season, on the whole, it is sunny weather, just at this time of humidity will make you sweaty.
6. Florida beaches in the south
This party is difficult, it makes you more unforgettable south beach. The beach itself is very good. From November to April of the following year, the south beach is more like a place for social activities, rather than just a place to sunbathing and surfing of exercise, when all the rest of the continental United States is very cold.<
Florida beaches
5. Jamaica Negril beach
Negril becomes one of the top ten best beach because of the weather is so nice, but all the year round.  This beach with a very attractive white beach, about 17 miles along the coast open a restaurant with peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, it will prompt you to looking forward to your friends in Jamaica can accept you. Jamaica’s summer is likely to be more attractive, because the less of crowded tourists on the beach.<
4. Australia – surfing’s paradise
Large Numbers of tourists flocked to gold coast surfing, swimming, parties, and surfing. Beside the beach, shoppers can visit many theme parks. If you still have the energy, then visit the various clubs and beer.  You will also encounter the hottest weather, so don’t forget to take sun gear.
3. Cancun beach in Mexico
Beach, beaches, and more. Everything from luxury for anyone to Cancun beach residence and parties (especially between February and march, because most enthusiastic and active students will come here at that time). Ah, the aztecs (Mexican indians) of the gods to bring every year at least 250 of the nice weather, it makes the tourists have a good sleep at nap time. If you want to save money, late summer is a good chance; But in September and October, you’d better go somewhere else, unless you prefer the storm here.
Cancun beach
2. Waikiki beach in Hawaii
As one of the world’s most famous beach, Waikiki beach is located in the island of Oahu. In Waikiki beach, you can feel comfortable with characteristics of the island of charm, because tourists from all over the world came here together with many celebrities. Visiting Waikiki beach is the best time is from December to the second year in the middle of the end of march, but in April to the middle of December, you can enjoy the best price. Summer temperatures remain at about 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius).
1. Brazil Copacabana beach
Copacabana beach is often called the world’s most famous beach. It in Rio DE janeiro in the front of the residential area across three miles (4.5 kilometers). It’s beauty scenery can let a person stunned: granite were surrounded by the door to the gulf. The city – the layout of the beach gives visitors a chance to purchase more: here’s a shopping center, cinema, fashion and jewelry stores. The local summer is from December to February, it’s about 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees) and 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius). On the beach, you also have a sense of taking, because can see boating and tennis activities in a lot of beautiful body and beautiful face.

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