To know more about places to travel to Spain

Here are some of the top places that you can find to visit Spain. Also make sure to check out the aspects that you can find in the market before you make the visit.

Hence here are some best places to travel to Spain:

Barcelona: you need to immerse and have great time with cramped alleyways of barri Gotic to about 19th century. Some of the many sights include the Seu, the Sagrada Familia, The Palau De La Generalitat, the episcopal palace to name a few.

Skiing: Spain comprises of plenty of natural ski runs as well as winter resorts and all of these are equipped with ideal type of facilities. You can find five very important skiing regions which also includes Cantabrain and Pyrenean ranges. You can also check out east of Granada, southern Sierra Nevada region to combine the chances of blending snow with winter.

Avila: this is the loftiest provincial capital of Spain. You can find some of the most ancient monuments like walls in here that even dates back to 11 century. The monuments are carefully and well preserved. It is also a UNESCO certified world heritage place that you can find in Spain.

Camino de Santiago: this is also popular with the name St James way, which is pilgrimage router that is considered to be different trails of walking that would lead to St James Cathedral in Galicia in northwestern part of Spain, Santiago de Compostela. This was also considered to be a pilgrimage route although it comprises of many recreational trails in recent days.

Trip to Spain

To know more about food to eat when you travel to Spain

There are great varieties of delicacies that you can find in Spain. You can enjoy some of the best among the best and here are some listed for you.

  • Tapas: when you plan to visit Spain then make sure to check out and eat some of the very famous Tapas. If you miss it then it would be like visiting Paris and not seeing the Eiffel tower. They are not regular type of food, they are some type of small meals that Spaniards would eat whenever they want, and it can be daytime or night.
  • Tortilla Espanola: you can find various types of Tortilla in Spain. Each of them would be different and would be differentiated as per the thickness and softness. This is a traditional type of Spanish omelet that would comprise of egg, salt, onion, potatoes and pepper and also a very common dish that you can find in Spain.
  • Paella: it is considered as a traditional dish of rice that was originated in Valencia. You can find three different types of Paella, Seafood Paella, Paella Valenciana and Paella Mixta. Each of these would comprise of different ingredients and hence you need to try each one of them till your stay so that you would know how mesmerizing it is.

These are some of the top food items that must be tasted when any person plans to travel to Spain. Make sure to put in on your bucket list of to-do items and enjoy it before return.

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