The Nobel House and Stockholm Palace in Sweden

Nobel ‘s House is located in Karlskoga Municipality of central Sweden, more than 200 kilometers away from Stockholm. This is a milky white two-story buildings, green lawn in front of the building and the birches in photograph reflect, around the quiet environment. Alfred Nobel, over 1894 overseas silence settled career returned to the motherland, spent the last two years of his life in here most of the time. Because he was born in Stockholm’s former residence, now stand up tall buildings, birch hill is today the only intact Nobel’s former residence. Since 1975 to establish a memorial, here has become a tourist attraction and the academic activities center. Annual Nobel academic discussion held here, gathered famous scientists from all over the world to discuss a new topic in the field of science and the Nobel academic thought of “the benefit of mankind”. Nobel was kept in the memorial activities photos, he won a variety of technical invention patent certificate, the gold medal and the will. Nobel’s bedroom display is very simple, only a bed, a desk and a wardrobe and so on a few pieces of the most necessary furniture, and his lab instruments and equipment is full of beautiful things in eyes. Nobel born on October 21, 1833. He invented the Nitroglycerin detonator, detonator, nitroglycerine explosives and colloidal solid explosives, etc., was named “explosive king” reputation. On December 10th, 1896, he passed away at the age of 63. According to his will, the part of the inheritance about US $9.2 million, as a reward for mankind’s scientific workers of funds. In the interest of the fund, physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, peace, 5 kinds of bonuses, in Nobel’s death day issued once a year, said the Nobel Prize.

Stockholm Palace in Sweden
Stockholm Palace is the place where the king office and engage in ceremonies, the major tourist attractions of Stockholm, and located in the center of Stockholm. Main entrance on both sides by two stone lions division, two title Dai Gongying service cap, dressed in medieval costumes who soil gun, appear very mighty guarded. The palace walls there are a lot of exquisite relief, is a big yard in the middle. South half palace churches and the national hall and banquet hall in north half palace still maintain the original display, open to the public. The palace hall, walls hung with large portraits of the king and queen in China’s history, the dome with magnetic buried and carving and colorful painting are said to have come from the 17th-century German artist. Some indoor display the ancient chariots armed, jewelry, gold and silver vessels and long spears, “when a body of the bronze helmet breastplates entity model of the medieval knight. The palace guard every day at noon by ancient traditions held a grand guard, attracting a large number of tourists.

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