The mystery of who built Stonehenge and why was Stonehenge built

There is a historic city of southeast England – sol magnetic “, in the outskirts are about thousands of meters away, there was a piece of the famous Stonehenge, stone group, it is said that this is the product of the Neolithic age more than four thousand years ago.

Stone group, is actually composed of many pillar, smokes are arranged in the imperfect circular building. The diameter of seventy meters, the huge slabs of rock set on the top of the 332 places across the introduction on the mystery of the stone circle. The longest Stonehenge has 14 meters, 6 meters above the ground, underground 8 meters, about 26000 kg, average quality is quite large. .

In the ancient Greek historian wrote a book in world history, on the island of England mentioned a spectacular “temple of the sun”. And he said, in addition to the sun god, and the moon god, every 19 years to visit the island again. Pillars of what he called the sun temple, is refers to the group, so archaeologists inferred, stone group is used to calculate the solar eclipse, lunar eclipse cycle. This conclusion, then stir the archeological community all over the world. “The moon god every 19 years coming at a time”, is local lunar eclipse cycle? Pillars of scientists calculated data show that the group can not only determine the change of season, can also calculate the eclipse and the date of the solar eclipse. Primitive people use it to calculate the eclipse cycle, really in conformity with the 19 years.

The mystery of Stonehenge

So far, the archaeologists have not uncovered the pillars of the group of “all the mysteries. Recently, they dug up again in the vicinity of the pillars of a known as the “kingdom of pillars of workers”. From his dress and the analysis of teeth, the man from the Alps. From he wore gold hairpin, brass cutting tools such as objects, this is the oldest of the Bronze Age. Archaeologists also believes that the blacksmith, could be building stone group of key figures.

About the construction of the stone groups, archaeologists believe that these pillars group is divided into three periods, finally completed about 3100 years ago, the corpse was excavated is testimony to this. And his age, and archaeologists speculate that the construction period. He came to work in the UK from the Alps region, and died there. As a result, archaeologists inferred, the human is not we imagine so ignorance and backwardness, the Bronze Age of some of the technology was developed.

In addition to the pillars of British group, archaeologists excavated in France Brittany again arranged irregular giant group. This is also the world archaeological history one of the most magic find. This is called “the more mysterious than the pyramid” the stone group, no matter from quality, quantity, height and history, has replaced the British Salisbury suburb of stone pillars, stone was a real world. The pillars of the group, now only 2471 root, was farmland into 36 pieces, with 12 root for a row eastward from a distance, like a group of soldiers paraded

What role does pillars of the group? It is still a mystery. Scientists speculate that this is related to ancient sacrifices god: every year the summer solstice, the sun will rise to the pillars of the center of the group above, people come to worship offering. Others speculate that these pillars group is drying fish farms, markets, hotels, the site of the brothel. More bizarre, some people say that this is the ship aliens visit earth base. Methods to build stone group, archaeologists as well as a pyramid, with a lot of speculation, but the answer to a riddle remains to be further solved.

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