The history of Manneken pis in Brussels, Belgium

Manneken pis is a bronze figure of 50 cm tall boy, located in the big square in downtown near an alley. The boy has curled hair, a small nose with a smile, light the ass, innocence, and he urine like no one’s watching. Legend, in a war against aggression, the enemy fled in Brussels, lit the leads to the city hall to the powder magazine in underground, trying to all blow up the center of the city buildings. This serious situation is discovered by a boy called Manneken pis, and he used his quick wits to urinate immediately. Suddenly burning flame doused the fuse of stab thorn, and make citizens and Brussels city construction from a disaster. To commemorate the wit and brave little boy special contribution to the city of Brussels, in 1619, the Belgian sculpture master Duke Godfrey carefully shaping this statue. Belgian called him “Brussels first citizen” from now on.

The history of Manneken pis in Brussels, Belgium

In 1689, the Bavarian pass by here, emergent whimsies, for lovely is less than the budget with a silk dress. The move opened and guests from all over the world to follow suit, rushed to put their own national costume gave the little citizen. In Brussels in July 1979, deputy mayor of the 1000th anniversary of the founding ceremony, gave him a Han Chinese mandarin small unlined upper garment, on October 1st every year, he put the Chinese clothing. Less than the budget has become a clothes the most people in the world. Downtown now has a museum collect and exhibit less than accept various colorful national dresses.

In the long years, Manneken pis had experienced many disasters. In 1749, the French soldiers took a fancy to this lively and lovely little boy, he stole, Brussels citizens great indignation. For reassurance, the French king Louis XV was forced to order the Manneken pis back in Brussels, and gave him a palace guards dress, sealing for Louis knight. Later Manneken pis missed a few times, but ultimately survived and return to hometown. Now less than the budget is no longer a urine, but spring water. During the carnival, less than the budget and beer instead, carnival people struggled to drink, to add many festival. Foreign tourists here like to take photos with Manneken pis as a traveling souvenir in Brussels.


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