The history of Amsterdam train station

Amsterdam train station built on three artificial islands, a total of 8687 pillars support, similar to the appearance of Lex museum – because the two buildings are by the church architect Pierre Cuypers’ design. This train station built by red brick with large building, and completed from the foundation to share for eight years. On October 15, 1889, the official opening of the railway station, and its architectural style is the Dutch new type.

Every day in the railway station is the center of the city, there are more than 1400 trips to the train arrived in or get out of here. Start from here, people can take “Thalys” spend 5 hours arrived in Paris, also can take EC inter-city express to cologne. Amsterdam train station or to meet friends and a great place for shopping, you can sleep here, with a few people have a smoke, or walk around aimlessly.

The history of Amsterdam train station

Perron in no.2 platform, there’s a golden age style restaurant, it was the first-class at that time. But the food here is quite different as before, and service attitude is not very good. On the other side of the platform is the train station in the second restaurant “Snelbuffet”. The architectural form of restaurant is very attractive and elegant environment, dishes also is pretty good. In addition, the no. 2 on the platform has a fast-food restaurants “Burger”, a cafe and transport for consultation.

Standing on the station square, here is the trolley, around city trams 20 and the starting point of a cruise ship, and the imposing facade can better appreciate the station. The designers to give the positive symbol of navigation indicator, this is to commemorate the glorious history of the city.


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