The Complete Guide On Around The World Ticket Price

Traveling by means of around the world flights is a very common thing that is being done by people who travel the world. They do so because they do not want to take the pain of booking tickets for every leg of their journey and especially when the around the world ticket price suits even the budget of a low cost traveler, this surely is the right mode of transport when you are out on the roads with the dream of seeing the beauty of this world.

Factors that determines the price of the tickets

There are certain factors depending on which the airlines alliances fix the around the world ticket price. Broadly speaking, these factors include the originating country, total mileage, number of stops, and the route. However, when it comes to finalizing on the ticket price, the airlines alliances also factor out the time of the travel and the general occupancy of flights to the destinations.

The price of the RTW tickets depends a lot on the mileage as well. Normal fares are applicable for mileage of 29,000 to 39,000 miles. There are economic fares as well that covers a distance of 26,000 miles to 39,000 miles. For world business travelers who travel the world on business, there is a special business fare which allows a travel of up to 26,000 miles from the originating country. To get the most convenient deal out of the RTW tickets, it is wise that one should plan the whole tour keeping in mind the maximum number of destinations that can be covered with minimum distance traveled.

The price of around the world tickets is usually discounted for infants up to the age of 2 years and children up to the age of 11 years. For Economy and premium economy class of travel, the child discount is around 25% of the adult fare, and for business class and first class travel,   there is no discount in the price of the around the world tickets for children. Infant discounts are 90% flat irrespective of the class of travel.

RTW tickets Travel the world

Ticket price increases with increase in stopover count

With RTW tickets, one can usually plan a number of stopovers, however, the more the number of stops, the pricier the ticket will be. Any stay at a particular destination for more than 24 hours are being considered as a stopover. Typically, if you plan to travel the world or major parts of it with just two to three stops the around the world ticket price would vary in between $1500 to $1800. The tickets with highest number of stops would cost the highest would be more than $10,000 per passenger.

Talking of the price of around the world tickets, there are usually no extra charges for changing date or time of travel, but in case you decide to travel to a different destination, you will be required to pay a fee of $125 approximately to get the destination changed.

It is being calculated that price of around the world tickets tend to be around 30% less than the cumulative cost of individual tickets for all the destinations that you would travel during your world tour.

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