Subways And Taxis Will Solve Your Transportation Worries In Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro – the city that proudly offers one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the statue of Christ, the Redeemer, will make your travel to Brazil a memorable one. With the famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, the city of Rio attracts a lion’s share of tourists of whole of Brazil.

To make the lives of first timers in Rio easy, the city has wonderful transportation system. No matter if you are setting your foot at Rio for the first time during your travel to Brazil, you would never feel lost.

Reduce your travel time by riding on the Subway

One of the easy and convenient modes of transportation in the city of Rio is the Subway or the Metro rail. If you desire to explore downtown on your own, Subways will make your task easy. With a couple of operating lines, the subway connects the north part of the city with downtown through Line 1 and through Line 2 it connects the southern part of the city via Flamengo, Gloria, Catete and Botafago.

Travel time in a subway is very less as compared to buses or taxis during peak hours. For example, a journey Copacabana to Centro or reverse will easily take a good 50-60 minutes during the rush hours, but the same will take nothing more than 20 minutes when traveled by Subway. The Subway is operational from 7AM in the morning to 11PM in the night. During festive times and special days, the service is available all throughout the night. Charges for one way ticket is around US $1.5.

RIO subway map

During your travel to Brazil, you will discover that there are many bus routes in the city of Rio that ply around the city offering transportation services to locals as well as tourists. It is safe to travel in the buses all throughout the day, however in case you decide to taste the rush hours, beware of pickpockets. Bus fares range for US $2.5-$3.5. Bus services are well connected and you can take a bus to visit any of the tourist attractions in the city of Rio, no matter whatever your starting point may be.

Taxis and radio cabs are readily available

taxis RIO

While traveling in subways and buses, you would get to fee the local flavor as you would get a chance to interact with the locals and understand the city well. However in case you prefer a more private option for commuting to the tourist spots, you may opt for taxis. Yellow taxis are available at many taxi stands which are scattered throughout the city and at the same time you can hail a taxi right from the streets.

Base fares for taxis are R$ 2.7 with the meter getting kicked off as you as you board the cab. A normal journey from Ipanema beach to downtown will take around R$ 15-20 only. Radio taxis at a higher rate are also available which are air conditioned and generally operate on fixed destination mode. As you travel to Brazil and its various cities you will not have to spend much on taxis, thanks to the inexpensive fare charts.

If you want you can also hire bicycles from the multiple bike stands and get yourself going with the bike through the bicycle lanes that are spread across the entire city of Rio de Janeiro.

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