Spectacular New Zealand Waits For You With All Its Outdoor Activities

If you love adventure, then New Zealand is the place that you should be in. Skiing, caving, bungee jumping, hiking and even skydiving – you get a chance to do these all as you travel to New Zealand, the adventure capital of the world. The best part of visiting New Zealand is that it is ideal for budget travelers and as you go there you would find a very warm welcome from the locals which are something that will make your trip even more memorable.

Activities that would keep you engaged

Of the many cities of New Zealand, you must plan a visit to Wellington, Queenstown, Bay of Islands and Auckland if not all. The adventure capital of the country, Queenstown has to offer a lot of outdoor activities for people who love the flow of adrenaline in their veins. Bungee jumping is a very popular outdoor adventure sport here along with skydiving. Apart from that, Queenstown is believed to have the best night life in the whole of the country. Your travel to New Zealand will stand incomplete if you do not pay a visit to this adventure packed town.

Those who want a little more thrill can opt for hiking at the Franz Josef Glacier or the Tongariro Crossing where you would get a chance to walk amidst the volcanic terrain as you approach the dense forests by the side of the sulphur lakes. This hike in particular is something that every adventure loving person should do as they travel to New Zealand.

Some other activities that you might want to do while you are in the land of the Kiwis includes watching dolphins and whales as you relax on the serene beaches of Bay of Islands, or get the thrill of caving at the Waitomo Glow-worm caves where the only source of light is the glow from the glow-worms, or you could simply hangout in Wellington, enjoying the city’s nightlife, restaurants while you get a flavor of the cultural touch offered by the old city.

Trip to New Zealand

Budget extra for food and activities

Transportation in the country of Kiwis is pretty inexpensive, thanks to the city circuit buses that offers free transportation along with local bus service that offers promotional fares of 1NZD if booked in advance. While commuting around will not burn any hole in the pockets, if you want to eat out in a restaurant, it surely will. A decent restaurant with table services will charge anything between 35-45NZD. While in Queenstown, do not miss out on having burgers from Fergburger, the best burgers that you would get in your whole travel to New Zealand.

While you would be budgeting for your travel to New Zealand, do keep in mind that you got to budget some extra bucks for the various activities. If not considered prior, the various activities like bungee jumping, skydiving or skiing could take a toll on your complete budget for the tour. You could save money by opting for tours which you really want to do and are charged fairly. Also, hitting the bars during happy hours could save a good 50% of your budget on spirit. New Zealand is a place to enjoy to the fullest, don’t miss any part of it just because you fell short of cash. Budget wisely, travel happily.

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