Some vital aspects to consider doing when you travel to China

There are some great places to visit in China if you are planning to have a great vacation. You can visit some of the mesmerizing places such as Sichuan that comprises of some steamy bamboo forests, you can find some cute Ming dynasty villages as well. If you head north then you can find some stunning lakes that is set among alpine esque scenery of the mountains.

Guangxi is another picture perfect location that would compare if rice terraces. There are plenty of karst peaks that dominates jungle like landscape, lush peaks that are best suited for cycling, river trips and hiking.

About food when you travel to China

China is the country that is very much profound with food culture. Almost every region that is present in China would have a unique type of food and style of cooking. For all the first timers in China, the experts of food would suggest not to miss some very popular dishes that can only be found in China. Even if there are any such type of services but the best you can taste would be at China. Make sure to check out

  • the roast duck that you can find in Beijing
  • dumplings
  • steamed pork buns available in shanghai
  • Guilin rice noodles
  • Chinese hamburgers in Xi’an

Trip tp China

You can also try some street snacks as there are some very popular areas in China that would offer you all types of street snacks. You need to try and experience the best features of culinary experience of the city section. For instance, you can try egg cakes in Beijing as its very popular street snacks, Guilin’s barbeque stands can only be found in the evening and the price would be very cheap as well. According to the news, the Chinese cuisines of China is divided in around eight categories that would represent the eight distinct type of regional cuisines.

Some of the most recommended food that all first time visitors would have to consider eating would be as follows;

  • Bamboo rice: this is a special dish that you can find in China and it would comprise of meat, rice and some water that would be put in a green bamboo. Then the bamboo would be heated on a charcoal fire. This would be a very fragrant dish that would get the aroma from the mixture of both bamboo and the food.
  • Bean curd that is strong smelling preserved: as the name suggest, this food would be very smelly but the taste of this dish would be extraordinary. Since the use of preserved bean curd the smell would be high but at the same time, it would make the dish taste exceptional. This dish in Changsha is very popular all across the country.
  • Sticky rice of five colors: this dish is considered to be a classical type of dish of people residing in Zhuang. During the festival of Qingming on each year, the people in Zhuang would pray for their ancestors by keeping a stick rice that is cooked in five colors such as red, black, purple, white and yellow.
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