Roam Around In Lyon With Bikes Or Buses And Metro

You will remember your travel to Lyon not only because of the Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourviere, or the Lyon Cathedral, but also because of the extremely modern and highly convenient transportation system that runs across the city. With public transport options like Metro, bus, tram, funicular railways and taxis, you will never have to wait for log before you get on to some or the other vehicle as you pay a visit to the local tourist spots.

There are four Metro lines operating in Lyon and 2 Funicular rail lines are now operational. Tram lines are 5 in count and talking of buses, there are more than one hundred bus lines operating throughout Lyon. There are around 1400 taxis in the city which you can get hold of either directly from the streets or for any one of the 40 taxi ranks in the city of Lyon. During your travel to Lyon you will also see that bikes are available for rent and you can simply roam around the small city of Lyon, biking.

Lyon bus

Roam around independently on foot with bikes in Lyon

While you travel to Lyon and roam around in the city, you may want to do so on foot as the place is not very large and the attraction points are very close to each other. However, in case you really do not want to take the stress of walking around, it is good that you hire a bike from the public bicycle service called Vélo’v. You could pick up a bike by paying a one day ticket of €1.5 and ride for thirty minutes free of cost. The next 30 minutes would charge €1 and beyond one hour every 30 minutes will charge €2.

As the distance between spots is less and if you are staying near the city centre, the maximum riding time from one spot to another would be 30 minutes, hence the biking system is very cheap and lets you travel within the city as per your convenience, without being dependant on others. You could pickup or drop the bike from or at any of the 300 bike points across the city.

Lyon Metro

Bus and metros are extremely convenient mode

In case you have to travel to Lyon suburbs or any place a bit far away from the city centre, opt for bus or metro depending on where you want to go. Usually buses and trams operate from 5AM in the morning to midnight, but then some buses cease to operate beyond 9PM. Metros also serve as a very good mode of transportation as there are four lines operating that connect almost every part of the city of Lyon to every other part. Common tickets are applicable for bus, trams and metros, like any other major city of Europe. Single ticket or 10 tickets booklets are available at automatic ticket machines in metro stations and with bus drivers.

A single ticket would cost you €1.8 and if you take the Liberte ticket worth €3, you would be allowed unlimited access to any of the modes of transport in the city while you travel to Lyon.

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