Roam Around In Bangkok In Sky Trains And Other Interesting Modes Of Transport

Planning for your first Travel to Thailand and worrying about how will you reach all the desired destinations and tourist spots? You many drop all your worries in the Indian Ocean as you board the flight to Bangkok. In Bangkok and whole of Thailand there are a lot of transportation options that will make getting around in Bangkok so very easy.

Getting around within the city of Bangkok

If you want to explore the entertainment, shopping and business areas/spots within the city, Sky Trains (BTS) and underground rail will offer excellent connectivity for all the relevant points. The historic sides along the river side can be explored by taking rivers taxis or express boats. For going anywhere within the city you would find buses, taxis and Tuktuks.

During your Travel to Thailand, you can think of getting yourself a BTS smart pass that will cost you approximately 120 Baht for one day and will offer unlimited rides for that single day. In case you have a longer stay you can opt for the BTS Sky Smart pass that will cost you around 100 Baht and will give your rides worth 70 Baht spread across the duration of your stay. Apart from the smart passes, single journey tickets for Sky Train will cost you from 15 to 40 Baht tickets for which has to be collected from the Ticket issuing machines.

Sky Trains Bangkok Map

Taxis in Bangkok are metered and the minimum charge for the same is around 35 Baht. Tuktuks and motorcycle taxis operates on negotiated fares hence you need to be aware of the distance that you are travelling before agreeing to the fare as quoted by the tuktuk driver. However due to the uniqueness of the three wheeler Tuktuk, your travel to Thailand will not be complete if you do not take a ride in one of these eco friendly battery operated vehicles.

Buses offer a relatively cheap transport to your destination within the city of Bangkok. The best thing to do is to get your hands on a MBTA map which is widely available at the bus terminals. The cream-red colored buses will cost around 7 Baht; the white-blue buses will charge 8 Baht. These buses ply within the city. The Expressway buses will cost 8.5 Baht and the air conditioned buses will charge anything between 9 Baht to 19 Baht depending on the distance that you would travel. Euro II buses, which are yellow-orange in color will cost in between 12 to 22 Baht depending upon the travelled distance.

Buses Bangkok

Beyond the boundaries of Bangkok

When you Travel to Thailand, obviously you would be planning to pay a visit to some strikingly beautiful places outside Bangkok. Pattaya and Phuket are the most obvious choice for a majority of the tourists. For going to Pattaya, buses are the most obvious choice that will cost only 117 Baht. The journey takes 2 hours of time. A more private mode of transportation is by taking a taxi or private cars which will cost you anything between 1000 to 1500 Baht.

Going to Phuket is an easier task as there are bus, train, car as well as air connection between Bangkok and Phuket. The journey time in bus or car is around 12 to 14 hours and cost is approximate 1100 Baht. Train and air options are also available to travel to Phuket.

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