Quick Look At The Top 5 Solo Female Travel Destinations

In today’s world when women are matching step with men in almost every sphere of life, when it comes to traveling, they are keeping pace here as well. As per studies, around 72% of women travelers in whole of America have traveled alone and they have found the experience learning and enthralling one. There are many solo female travel destinations which offer safe and secure travel options to women from round the world.

To begin with

Pristine waterfalls, picturesque geysers and unexplored valleys of Iceland may not have marked an edge on the tourist map as of now, but when it comes to offering safe travel destinations to women traveling the world, Iceland is a sure shot numero uno choice amongst most female travelers.

Known for the hospitality of the friendliest people of Middle East, the land of Pharaohs, Egypt is also one of those solo female travel destinations that have a whole list of attractions to allure travelers from every corner of the world. The famous Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Cairo Museum and many more attractions of the land takes the traveler back into the annals of history right amidst the Pharaohs and the various gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt.

beautiful young woman tourist in dubai and abu dhabi at vacation and travel trip
beautiful young woman tourist in dubai and abu dhabi at vacation and travel trip

The most visited countries in Asia that are safe for women

With Bangkok as one of the most thriving cities of South East Asia, Thailand is one of the must visit destinations for women traveling the world all by herself. The city of Bangkok and other Thai cities become more and more active and lively with every passing hour of the evening and the streets are buzzing with locals, tourists, prostitutes and cops all night long. If you are smart and alert, there is no other place like Thailand to simply chill out.

If you want some hiking and trekking adventure, then Nepal is the best of all solo female travel destinations. In the lap of the mighty Himalayas, this place has breathtaking panoramic views to offer to its tourists. The temples, the mountain ranges and the local Nepalese people – you will thank your stars for keeping Nepal in your tour itinerary. Kathmandu, Pokhra and many other tourist places of Nepal can be visited to experience the mesmerizing views of the Himalayan range of mountains.

Experience the Aussie culture

For women traveling the world, no tour is complete if it does not have Australia on the tour plan. Australia is land full of diversities, beaches, hiking trails, modern cityscapes and many more. The majestic views of the water bodies that you can experience in Tasmania are simply unmatchable and without them no world is ever complete. Spending a day at the Sydney Opera House or the various museums of the city of Adelaide is must To Do items while you are on Australian soil.

If you can manage yourself well, then there is no world in the place which cannot be considered as a solo travel destination even for women. When you are traveling solo, the world is all the more an open book that you may want to read the way you want to. Anywhere and everywhere is a good place to visit as every place has its own natural treasures, own historic tales and own beauty.

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