Metro And Buses Constitutes Major Part Of Shanghai Transport System

Shanghai – the most populated city of China and the whole world is not only famous for being the most populated city proper, but is also famous for its historical landmarks which include the City God Temple, The Bund, Yu Garden, the Shanghai Museum and the China Art Museum along with the extensive Lujiazui skyline. Visit to these spots will make your travel to China a memorable experience for the rest of your life.

Use Jiaotong card to avoid carrying cash

When we are talking about the most populated city of the world, it is obvious that transportation options would be widely available and would be very convenient and reliable as well. The best thing is that for most of the public transportation options, there is one Shanghai Public Transportation Card that can be used while paying fare for subway trains, buses or ferries. The Shanghai Jiaotong Card is more like a smart card where you can load money and use for vending out tickets while you board a metro or a bus. Using this card will also offer you a discount ¥1 during transfers on Metro or buses provided the same is initiated within 90 minutes.

S metro

Metros offer a convenient and comfortable ride

During your travel to China, the best mode of transportation within the city of Shanghai is being offered by Metro or subway trains. There are currently 14 lines which already connect almost every part of the city with each other and another 4 lines are coming up shortly. Barring 3 lines that operate above the ground, the rest of the lines are underground that gives enough space above the earth to buses and taxis. Fare for metro tickets range from ¥3 to ¥9 depending on the destination. During the peak hours of operation, there is quite a dash amongst the passengers to get a seat on the train which as a tourist you might find not very friendly in nature.

Shanghai Buses

Buses and taxis are not very expensive either

The extensive bus routes offer an excellent and inexpensive mode of transport while you are in Shanghai during your travel to China. ¥2 is the fixed rates for air conditioned buses irrespective of the distance travelled. Buses are more convenient than the metros as the former operate even after the closing hours of Metro which is

There are more than 45000 taxis plying all across the city of Shanghai, hence if you need to travel in a bit more private and comfortable transport, Taxis are to be your pick, if you can manage to find an empty one during the peak hours. You have to be very unlucky to find a rude and dishonest taxi driver in Shanghai as most of the taxi drivers are very honest and polite to their passengers. The fare for taxi is like ¥12 for the first couple of miles followed by ¥2.4 per kilometer which increases to ¥15 post 11PM. Payments in taxi can be done by means of paying by cash or by using the Jiaotong Card.

Those who are fit enough bike around the city can hire a basic city bicycle at around ¥80 per day and roam around through the various avenues and lanes of the business hub of China.

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