Major tips to follow for better and fun time in Japan

Learn about the tips for the travel to Japan

When you are visiting Japan for the first time in your life, then there are certain tips that all those who have visited Japan would recommend you to follow so that you do not have any trouble. You can check out these aspects and learn well so that it would be a great time when you plan the travel to Japan. Since each and every country has some unique type of system that would be foreign for most people from outside of Japan, it’s really wise to know beforehand to avoid any type of hassle that might fall upon.

Here are the major tips to follow for better and fun time in Japan:

The most important tip to consider before you make your bookings of flight tickets to Japan is to consider your destination airport to be Haneda airport. It is very much close to Tokyo city than their international airport also it becomes easier to board trains from here which are available for cheap rates as well. And if you have already booked the ticket to Narita international airport then no need to worry. Book N’EX which is Narita express that would help you reach Tokyo faster and much comfortable than other type of trains. Its best suited for foreign travelers.

It would be a great choice to get a wireless router on rent. They are considered to be the top gadgets to keep you connected online. They come up with fastest internet plans to help you connect multiple devices and unlimited data plans. You can also use them for local calls using various internet apps. When you plan to travel within Japan, then make sure to book for a JR pass. There are foreigner only Japan railway pass with flat rates that can be all over Japan on extensive network of Japan train network and you can save a plenty of money. Very important tip for JR pass is that it has to be reserved outside Japan.

Suica card

If you plan to visit places via subway station then it’s recommended that you buy a Suica card or a pasmo card. These pre-loaded cards for transportation on subways can help you save a plenty of money and time when compared with individual tickets. If you want to travel a lot then download Hyperdia app as it can help you learn everything you need to know about traveling from your source to destination precisely. You can also get best suggestions on using complicated train and subway networks. Its best suited app for foreign travelers. And if you plan to travel via flights within Japan then you can get great amount of discounts when you book domestic flights. There are plenty of carriers offering great discounts for travelers from foreign countries.

Make sure to either download Google translate app or get a printed sheet of your address on a paper. This the first option would help you communicate with the locals in case you need help and the latter would be very much helpful to reach your place in case your phone or wireless router battery is dead on the travel to Japan.

Some of the best scenic spots not to miss when in Japan

Mount Fuji: it is a mountain with active volcano which is also the tallest mountain of the country. It is about 3776 meters. It has also been pilgrimage area for few centuries now and is 3 most sacred mountains of Japan.

Kinkaku Ji: it is a Zen Buddhist temple that is present in Kyoto, Japan. It has a great number of visitors from various parts of the globe every year.

Here are some food items that you must try before leaving Japan

Ramen, egg noodles added inside a salty broth is considered to be the favorite meal for late night of Japanese people. You must try this dish as you would be able to taste what a real noodles would taste like as we have been very much used to preserved noodles.

Sushi is another most popular food of Japanese. Sushi is nothing but a raw fish that would be served rice that is seasoned very lightly using vinegar. There are wide range of flavors and textures that you can find such as creamy, tangy, uni, juice and plump. Try each one of these every day and you would surely love it.

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