Learn About The Various Modes Of Transportation At Cairo,Egypt

As you travel to Egypt to see the great pyramids and other artifacts of the Egyptian civilization in the capital city of Cairo, you would find that the transportation system of the city needs to be handled with care and caution if you want a smooth journey from place to place. The most widely used mode of transportation includes the taxis which are available in many categories, followed by the Cairo metro, and then the buses and microbuses.

If you can’t negotiate well, don’t think of taking a taxi in Cairo

The city of Cairo has three types of taxis, the first one being the black and white taxis that comes without a meter. It is good to check on the tentative taxi fares from your hotel as otherwise you stand a good chance to be cheated by the cabbies. As the taxis come without meter, you have to negotiate on the price before boarding the cab. Usually the driver would quote a price and if you think it’s over the roof, you may negotiate it down. If the driver still insists on the price as quoted by him, either look for another taxi or threaten the driver to report against him to the tourist police.

In case you are not sure if the charge quoted by the driver is right or wrong, you can opt for the second category of taxis which are the new white cabs with meter. You will have to ensure that the meter is being set to zero by the driver while you are boarding the cab. One general tip for hailing a taxi while you travel to Egypt is that you should not try to hire a cab right outside your hotel. These taxis would tend to charge you extra as they would know for sure that you a tourist, not aware of the local charges. The third type of taxi that is available are the yellow radio cabs whose charges are more and are available against a phone call that either you or your hotel could make. These cabs are costlier though.

microbuses Egypt

Buses and microbuses are cheaper options of transportation

Another convenient mode of transport in Cairo is the bus and microbus. The buses are of two types, the standard non AC bus and the CTA (Cairo Transport Authority) air conditioned bus. To catch a bus you have to be at the bus stop. One peculiar thing about the buses is that these are not numbered. Whether you are boarding the right bus or not has to be determined by checking out with the driver if he is going in the way of your destination. Little clumsy arrangement, but bus rides are cheap and gets the flavour of the localities’ as well

CTA buses Egypt

While in the CTA buses you stand every chance to get uncomfortable, thanks to the crowded buses; microbuses offer a guaranteed seat to you. Most of these van vehicles turned buses will tend to drive rash as they are always in a hurry to board and deboard as many passengers as possible. One advantage of the microbuses is that these small    would take you into smaller lanes that the big CTA buses will not.

The quickest and safest mode of transportation in the city of Cairo during your travel to Egypt is by using the Cairo Metro. Costing just 1 L.E. the metros will take you to all the major tourist spots in Cairo.

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