10 Ways Of How To Travel Europe Cheap

There is a belief that traveling to Europe is a costly affair and that is why many people do not even attempt to travel to Europe. However, if you know how to travel Europe cheap, you will discover that you can visit the most exotic destinations of Europe without having to make any special effort to arrange for the funds. This article will share 10 ways that will tell you how to travel Europe cheap.

Four ways to save on air travel

The first option to travel to Europe cheap is to book your tickets on the cheapest flights to Europe from US. Once you land on the soil of Europe, you may want to avoid air journeys and depend more on land transportation like the buses and the rail services. However, even to get the cheapest tickets you should be booking them as early as possible.

Many travel websites publish airfare matrix for upcoming months that will give you an idea as in which date has the cheapest flights to Europe from US and you can plan your travel accordingly. Opting for budget airlines is always the right thing to do as you plan to travel Europe cheap.

You should pack light when you opt for flights as most airlines have strict rules regarding weight of the baggage and anything beyond the restricted limits could end up charging you heavy as a penalty.

Travel Europe cheap

Three ways of traveling cheap by buses

A good solution to the question of how to travel Europe cheap is the Megabuses. The Megabus offers cheap transportation for getting around in the United Kingdom, as well as to get to major cities of Europe like Paris, Amsterdam or Brussels. If booked in advance, these journeys could come for as cheap as $10 only. Getting around in the United Kingdom could cost you as less as $1.5 if you book your tickets at least one month in advance.

Another cheap option to travel within Europe is to avoid taxis. Instead for getting around in the various cities of the European countries by the expensive taxis, you may opt for Busabout services which are hop on/hop off bus services and offer real cheap road transportation.

For intercontinental travel, Eurolines buses are also available which is a nice and cheap way to travel across the continent. A journey from Berlin to Paris could be done by paying just $100 instead of more than $250 that you would be required to pay in a train journey (without a rail pass). Ideal for budget travelers, the Eurolines is the umbrella organization for international bus journeys while you are in Europe.

Trains are ideal for long distance travel

Whole of Europe is connected by means of excellent rail network, the Eurail and getting a rail pass could prove to be a very economical when it comes to travel to Europe. Ideal for covering long distances, the rail passes could save quite a few hundred dollars for you when calculated cumulatively.

Save upto 100% by hitchhiking

The most economic way to travel around Europe is by hitchhiking. When you hitchhike, you simply do not need to pay even a single penny. At times you would be expected to pitch in with some cost of the gas, but then that is still better as you could still save a lot by sharing the gas as you travel from one city to another.

Other ways of cheap travel

Cycling around the continent is also a cheap way to travel Europe if you have enough time for your tour. Bikes are found on rent and you can roam around the avenues of big cities with ease and at much less expense.

Trains, bus, budget airlines, are the major options to travel to Europe cheap, but what are most important are proper planning and the right timing. If your tour is not planned well, you would not be able to travel Europe cheap as you would end up paying extra charges for last minute tickets for whichever destination you have to go.

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