Learn About How To Travel The World For Free

Who said that traveling is an expensive affair? Who said that you need a lot of money if you want to travel the world and visit the most celebrated places of this world? If you are smart and calculative enough to plan a travel tactfully, you can travel the world for free. It might sound crazy but this is a fact that there are many people across countries and continents that do travel to various corners of the world without having the requirement to make any investment out of their own pockets.

Travel scholarships are available

The first step that you can take to travel the world for free is to apply for travel scholarships. There are many countries government of which encourages people to go abroad for higher studies and field work, entire cost of which is being borne by the government. In case you are not interested in traveling for studying and want to travel the world as a tourist whose only interest is to see different places, meet different people and cultures, then there are other options for you as well even if you do not have any money to travel.

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Fly for free

To travel overseas the biggest expense that one has to bear is the air tickets. Thanks to the various credit card programs that offer free air miles on signup, you would not be required to pay for the tickets for your flight, provided you are traveling in a slack season. Once you have set your foot on the foreign land there are so many ways to earn a living and raise funds to sponsor the next part of your travel.

Jobs to help you earn while you travel

If you are not picky and choosy, job options like bartender, waiter, hostel worker, farm worker, cruise ship worker are a nice way to earn some quick money. These jobs are not white collared jobs but then you are in foreign lands where no one knows who you are, so there shouldn’t be any apathy from your side to get yourself engaged into these kinds of jobs that pay well and will let you save enough to travel the world.

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In case you want work that is bit classier, you can try out giving English tuition if you are traveling to non English speaking countries like Argentina, France or Germany. English tuition is a nice way to earn some quick money without investing anything.

Stay for free

Your concern of staying for free could be solved with the options of house sitting or couchsurfing. There are many locals who allow foreigners to stay with them for free and in return expect nothing. There are many websites that will give you more information and details about these generous locals. You can also find out information about people who are looking for house sitters as they would be out of the house on account of travel. You would get a chance to stay at their house in their absence and all they would expect from you is supervision of the safety and security of the house.

Traveling for free is possible only if you are open to accept hardships and not being choosy while doing a job.

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