Knows the travel reviews before your trip to North Korea

North Korea is rich in natural tourism resources. Now North Korea tourism basic is given priority with ecological tourism, such as Myohyangsan mountain scenery and Wonsan seashore holiday tour, etc. Exposition at the same time the long history of the Korean ethnic culture, folk customs and simple advantages, to carry out the cultural heritage and tourism city, make the combination of natural and human landscape, gradually formed a more protection for the center with the capital, Pyongyang, radioactive development of special tourism. At present by North Korea national tourism administration of the eight brigade management of foreign-related tourism, with foreign visitors a year on average more than ten thousand people, for countries to earn foreign exchange through tens of millions of dollars. Although this level of industry demand is still very far away. But the government is mining potential and striving to enliven the tourism industry to the goal, and constantly expand the scale of foreign tourism and increase foreign exchange income to enhance the understanding of the external world to the north.

travel reviews before your trip to North Korea

The country has built the main park, there are more than 450 perceived, tourist attractions more than 300. In recent years, including the invest a lot of manpower and material resources to complete the Pyongyang – Xiangshan tourism highway, Pyongyang – Nanpu high-speed road, Chilbosan and Kuwolsan highway construction, make total tourism lines extended to thousands of kilometers. On the tourism scenic spot service facilities, reconstruction and expansion of existing gradually improve the tourism environment. At the same time, the tourism department pays attention to strengthen the propaganda to extend new market customers.

The democratic People’s Republic of Korea is located in the northern Korean peninsula in eastern Asia, bordering with Russia, northeast north and neighboring China, covers an area of 122,762 square kilometers, which accounts for about 80% of the land area. North Korea as a single nation, has a population of more than 2,200.

After 1st century BC, around the Korean peninsula appear Goguryeo, Baekje, Silla three ancient cities. In the 7th century, Silla occupy the dominant position in peninsula. In the 10th century, Goguryeo replace Silla. In the 14th century, Korea Li dynasty replaced Goguryeo, change of name for North Korea. In August 1910, North Korea was colonized by the Japanese, on August 15, 1945 liberation, at the same time, Sue us army by a 38th parallel respectively in north part and south part of north Korea. In February 1946, the northern half of North Korean temporarily established people’s committee. On September 9, 1948, the democratic People’s Republic of Korea was proclaimed.

trip to North Korea

Capital, Pyongyang, is located in the Taedong River downstream plains and hills, due to some land in the plains, therefore calls Pyongyang, that is, the meaning of “flat” soil, has a population of about 2 million. Pyongyang is one of the biggest cities in the proportion of green area in the world.

In Pyongyang city, there were built the Mansudae art theater, the Korean central history museum, Korea art museum, Pyongyang grand theatre, etc. Also in 1982 in Taedong River built 170 meters Juche Tower, set up the arc DE triomphe on center street. North Korea’s rich mineral resources, proven mineral has more than 300 kinds, including graphite, magnesite reserves in the world. Water and forest resources are abundant. In mining, metallurgy, machinery, electric power, textile and chemical industry etc. Agriculture mainly rice and corn production each half of the total grain output. North Korea pursues the independent foreign policy of peace, friendship, and completely based on the principle of equality and mutual respect relationship with other countries.


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