Know the Tampere tourist attractions before traveling to Finland

Tampere is located between the Nasijavvi and Pyhajarvi lakes, in fact, there are about one hundred and eighty pieces of small pools in this city. But tourists will not only take time to enjoy the scenery, because here is worth browsing attract all-inclusive have literally! Actually, this is also the drama city of Finland, often held in native and international art activities in the city. Also because of its focus on many universities and excellent technical college, combined with wood, textile, metal industry booming, make this inland port become one of the busiest city in Finland.
Tampere city is in northern Europe with a population of more than 20 biggest inland city, located in southwestern Finland, 180 km from Helsinki. Tampere was built by the Swedish KingGustarIII in 1779. Tampere was located in the narrow strip between two lakes with beautiful scenery, and through the city center of MEL River is the birthplace of Tampere industry. Established in 1779 in Tampere along by the swift current, become Finland's most industrialized cities in the 19th century, due to the new city plan, former industrial area again rejuvenated, restaurants, stores, and exercise for weight loss centers and museums are established here. Tampere is also a measure of international education and research center, there are two universities and a lot of research institutions, is the center of the city in southern Finland.

Knows Tampere traveling to Finland
Tampere is a capital of Finland's drama, built in 1959 with a rotating seat open-air theater is the center of the drama festival in August every year. Held every year, Tampere festival, the rich and colorful cultural activities, such as jazz festival and film festival attracted many foreign tourists to visit. Tampere has all kinds of museums, still preserved up to now, the only Lenin museum is open to visitors.
Tampere of recreation areas around downtown, there stands in Finland's highest tower, 168 meters high tower, the tower has a revolving restaurant, panoramic view overlooking the city. The tower has a planetarium and the bottom of the aquarium. There is a child near the zoo. Pease para is one of the city's most beautiful scenic spot, here the serpents in steep hillside, buildings with all sorts of modeling. On the top of the mountain, show in front of lake Geneva is endless.

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