Knowing about the attractions of Copenhagen, Denmark before your visit

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, and located in the eastern part of the Danish island. It is the center of the Danish political, and most important city in northern Europe, also is the famous ancient city.

According to historical records, in Denmark Copenhagen was a small fishing village in the early 11th century and the place of trade. Along with the trade to flourish, it was until to the twelfth century developed into a commercial town. In the early 15th century, became the capital of the kingdom of Denmark. Copenhagen in Denmark in this paper is “the merchant’s port” or “trade port”.

The country’s major foods were shipbuilding, machinery, electronics and other industrial mostly concentrated in here. Copenhagen’s harbor with the depth of the water port, excellent equipment, is one of Denmark’s largest port. Each year more than thirty-five thousand ships in and out of the port and Denmark more than half of the foreign trade import and export through here. Copenhagen has a railway through train ferry connected to Jutland peninsula and the Scandinavian countries. There are many international air routes through here, railway, aviation hub between Western Europe and northern Europe. Copenhagen is a traditional trade and shipping center, and emerging manufacturing city. A third factory built in the greater Copenhagen area throughout the country. Major industrial projects such as shipbuilding, machinery, canned, brewing. Local companies in east Asia, cloth, ─ Wayne machinery and ship companies and other manufacturers in the world. Industrial and population after 1950 moved to the suburbs, the city’s population was gradually reduced. City transportation is given priority to with cars, electric railway and bus.

Knowing about the attractions of Copenhagen Denmark before your visit

Copenhagen city appearance is beautiful and clean, and the city’s emerging of large industrial enterprises and medieval ancient buildings in photograph reflect. It is not only the modernization metropolis, but also has antique characteristics. In many ancient buildings, the most representative is some old palace fort. Fort is located in the heart of the city of Cleveland Christian is the most ancient palace. Christie’s castle is now in the palace in 1794 it was rebuilt after the fire burning. In the past, it was the king’s palace, has become to the parliament and the government building is located. Building in the Oresund exit Karen fort palace on the rocks, is a former guard the ancient city of a military fortress, still save the battery and weapon was built. In addition, the Danish king now live in the palace, Amalienborg, also known. The bell tower of the Copenhagen city hall, is often full of curious visitors. Because there is a machine a complex, exquisitely made chronometer, it is said that the astronomical Clock go extremely accurate, not only can calculate the space position of the planet, will be able to tell people: the name of each day for a week, day, and the operation of the calendar year, constellation, the sun, such as central Europe and stars. The chronometer is a locksmith named Olson spent 40 years effort, the cost of money only.

copenhagen mermaid statue

Copenhagen has more than 20 museums and total more than 10 large and small can provide people visit the park. One of the most beautiful to be in Copenhagen harbor Langelini River Waterfront Park. There’s a huge rock with statue of “Mermaid” is famous all over the world. The statue was built by the Danish sculptor Eriksson in 1913, according to Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “the daughter of the sea”. It is known as London bridge, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, become the hallmark of Copenhagen. Tivoli garden is one of the world famous places of entertainment, and Chinese-Style building in the park. In Langelini, there is a very spectacular ” Gefion Fountain”. In the middle of a flower ring pool, erected a huge round stone, stone around spewing out at the bottom of the waterfall, spring. Stone above, showing a side of the goddess, right hand waving a whip, braids in disease kicked up in the wind, facial expression is very resolute determination. She manage the four strong whipped pull ox is blue. Legend has it the ancient Denmark once by the “Magic bullet”, the goddess JiFei descent from heaven to save. She change her four sons into four cows, and just try her best to pull the Denmark from the sea up. Denmark famous sculptor shaped the Peng-Gao according to the myths and legends striking bronze sculptures. Copenhagen city many this kind of bronze sculpture, make this a city full of poetic. Northern Europe’s largest zoo and aquatic museum are in Copenhagen, too. Founded in 1479, the earliest higher learning at the university of Copenhagen is northern Europe. People to see the beautiful scenery and places of interest in the Copenhagen city, each year about ten million people from all over the world travel to Copenhagen.


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