Know Moscow Girls Better As You Travel To Moscow, Russia

They say that if you stare at one blonde on the streets of Moscow for too long you would miss at least a dozen more in that time. Girls in Moscow are blondes, girls in Moscow are beautiful, and girls in Moscow are available in large numbers. While you travel to Moscow, and you are cooking up plans to hook up with a Russian beauty, there are certain basic Dos and Don’ts that you would be required to follow.

Get hooked up at the cafes

As you travel to Moscow you would discover that finding a Russian beauty on the streets of Moscow is not a tough task. Best places to meet up the Russian divas are the cafes and the bars, Cafe Pushkin being one of the hotspots. You would also find groups of girls sipping beer at these joints with each one of them beating the next one in terms of looks and beauty. You may walk up to them, manage to sneak in the group and start talking to the girls, trying to impress the one who has impressed you a few minutes back.

What do they want in their man?

Increase your knowledge levels as you travel to Moscow as while talking to girls in Moscow you would need to sound intellectual. Moscow girls prefer men who are more knowledgeable, who are smart and who are polite. If you are looking to find your future wife in there, you would have to look into the group of girls, who are indulgent and cultured and if you are intended to hook up to a girl for the time of your travel to Moscow, you would find them round the corners of the streets. Both types of women would however want their man to sound cultured and knowledgeable, not to mention other qualities like being compassionate, loving and caring which are asks by default.

Another quality that Russian girls, especially the ones from Moscow look for in their partner is that they should have good sense of fashion. Men who are well dressed get more points from a Moscow girl than those guys who are casually dressed in round neck and casual shorts. Russian girls by nature are committed partners and family comes first them, hence they would expect similar attitudes from their men as well.

Moscow Girls Travel to Russia

Be ready to meet some transparent minds

While you travel to Moscow and meet up a girl there, remember that Russians are smart people (they were the first to send someone in the space!) and Russian beauties are a perfect blend of beauty with brains. Moscow girls are really good at vocalizing their though processes. Being straightforward by nature, you can expect things to come back on to your face bluntly if anything goes wrong while you get hooked up to the girl.

Do not even try to be too personal at the first meet. While Moscow girls may not mind sharing the table with you without any hitch, sharing bed is something that they will not prefer doing very easily, at least not with the guy whom they do not know for more than an hour. Take your time, impress her with your personality and then you may get a chance to lay down with the beautiful lass from the land of the Czar.

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