Know more about some important aspects before you travel to Thailand

Thailand is considered to be one among the most significant travel hub in the regions of Southeast Asia. Most of the people who plan to travel to Thailand would fly to Bangkok and make it as their base to do the circuits around the Southeast Asia. With exquisite famed beaches, lush green forests, amazing food, world class diving and all these for cheap rates. You would be able to enjoy more than you can when you are planning to travel one among the mesmerizing tourist spots of Southeast Asia, Thailand. Thailand has the aesthetics that attract people from every other walks of fire. If you want to spend cheap then you can find some of the cheapest hotels in the region and if you are ready to spend good to enjoy the best then you can find hotels and resorts that would charge around $10,000 a night as well in this country.

You can travel within Thailand very easily. For all those who are into backpacking trail then it’s a well-worn destination and is very much convenient and easy. There are some of the best places to visit in Thailand and great food to eat on your travel to this exquisite country of Asia.

Trip To Thailand

Some of the top guides that you can consider on your travel to Thailand would be

  • Bangkok
  • Ko lipe
  • Ko Phangan
  • Chaing Mai
  • Ko Phi Phi
  • Phuket

If you are wondering about the food that you can find in here then the food in Thailand is really cheap. You can find plenty of areas that serve street food. Plenty of tourists love street food that can be found in Thailand. The price for street food would be very less and around 20 THB for a meal. You might be able to spend around 35 to about 50 THB for a meal if you are planning to eat here. If you want to eat something local of Thailand then it would be priced around 120 to about 170 THB for a day. Some of the most popular dishes that you need not miss on your trip to Thailand would be:

  • Sushi that is available in Bangkok
  • Om Ganesh Indian that you can find in Ko Phangan
  • Catalana Tapas to be found in Bangkok
  • Dada café that is present in Chiang mai are some of the most popular restaurants in Thailand that offer some of the best dishes of both variants.

Some of the top things to watch on your travel to Thailand

You should not miss exploring Bangkok: it’s the heart of the country and has some of the crazy aspects you need to see. Most of the travelers would not like it at start but it grows into them very soon. There are some crazy nightlife scenes, Thai food to enjoy.

Chiang mia is one of the oldest city that comprises of temples and is surrounded by jungles. It also comprise of elephant sanctuary and the market place in here is considered to be the best.

You can relax on some tropical islands as there is millions of them in Thailand. You can find everything that you need in here. Some of the best islands to visit are Ko Lanta, Ko samet, Ko Tao, Ko samui, Ko Taruto and many such.

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