Know about where is the Aegean sea before you cruise Greek islands

The Aegean Sea is part of the Mediterranean. It’s located between the Greek peninsula and Asia Minor peninsula, long in 610 km from north to south, 300 km wide from east to west, covers an area of 21.4 square kilometers, and smaller than the Persian gulf.

Aegean coast is very twists and turns with many harbours, dotted with islands. The distance between the adjacent islands is very short. If you stand on an island, you can see the other side of the island clearly. It has the large number of islands, the world no sea can match. So the Aegean sea is also called “island sea”.

Most belong to the west coast of the Greek Aegean islands, small part belong to the east coast of Turkey. One of the biggest in the sea island called Crete. Crete eight more than 000 square kilometers, thing is long and narrow, ACTS as a barrier to southern Aegean sea.

Crete island is the birthplace of the ancient Aegean culture. In about 3000 BC, the inhabitants of Crete has entered the Bronze Age. In about 2600 BC – 2600 BC the Minoan dynasty era, culture flourished on the island, built the grand palace, create many fine arts and crafts. The beginning of the 20th century, on the island in the northern coastal plain of Iraq, Weng unearthed a building at the time the king’s palace. The palace of the central is a rectangular courtyard, the king’s palace, the queen bedroom distribution around the yard. Between various buildings with long corridor, hall, compound word, ladder is linked together, thousands of the door, as the ancient Greek myth of the maze. Because of Aegean area is the center of the commercial activities at that time, people used to place called “Ashland” of the east of the Aegean sea, west of the Aegean sea is called “the land of sunset”. Asia continent is the named of the Europe continent, is derived from. Two river basin original civilization in west Asia and Egypt, the Nile basin formation, and the eastern Mediterranean region in the two big sun is unripe brightness, eastern civilization center this up for a new civilization, spectacular, especially outstanding are the Aegean civilization. Bronze civilization, Aegean civilization refers to the Aegean sea region is given priority to with both Mycenae in Crete and Greece, which is also called Crete – Mycenaean culture. With respect to its geographical location, the Aegean sea in the northwest corner of the eastern Mediterranean, Asia minor in the east, west even the Greek peninsula, Egypt, Libya and the south across the sea. On the historical tradition, the Aegean sea is more inseparable connection with Greece. Since the Aegean civilization, after the formation of the Aegean sea in Greece then formed unified culture area, this is the history of the world famous ancient Greek culture area, it is the source of western civilization.

Know about where is the Aegean sea

Greece is the Greek people known for their living area, in ancient times is not a country, the name of the first refers to the legendary Greek ancestor live in the Greek peninsula, in the north area of central areas gradually expanded, including the Greek peninsula, the Aegean islands, and refers to all the Greek land inhabited. Greece and the Aegean sea area includes the Greek peninsula, the Aegean islands and Asia minor peninsula, the west bank, clutches the crossroads of Europe, Asia, across the traffic. The Aegean sea belong to the east of ancient Greece, there are many islands in the sea, they pose an eastern Greece and small coastal region. The middle of the Greek mainland area in Greece, the east with the Aegean sea, west with the Ionian sea and the Adriatic (they are a part of the Mediterranean), so the Greek mainland is a peninsula surrounded by the sea, only in the northern part connected with the continent.

And ancient river basin, eastern civilization lies thousands of miles of characteristics compared to Greece is the land hill island, off the coast of twists and turns, more densely for its characteristic of geographical environment. Gentle sunny here also played the most typical Mediterranean climate, neither European winter cold, no summer heat in Africa. Ocean dominate its climate, is also affected to some extent in its history and culture. This winter is wet and dry summer of Mediterranean climate is conducive to the growth of the olives, grapes, years abundant sunshine and warm people love outdoor activities. Due to belong to the Mediterranean climate, Greece and around the eastern Mediterranean and the west coast, is distant exotic overseas, but is similar in terms of the natural environment. With the development of maritime career in ancient Greece, where some small of the Mediterranean, Egypt and Syria, western Mediterranean Italy, France and Spain, are easy to Greece to its migration along the coast. The Aegean sea and the Ionian sea is famous for its beautiful scenery, the blue sky, green island is linked together, make vast sea ancient voyagers feel kind. The Aegean sea in summer become natural cradle of ancient seafaring, residents from the upper paleolithic started sailing activities, since civilization more see the flourish. , however, is not always a calm sea, the Aegean sea is particularly frequent winter storm, so the ancient Greeks regarded the ocean as exercise warriors also school. After entering the Bronze Age, and, more importantly, the Aegean Greek of advanced civilization to establish contact with the east has become the main channel, they contact China Eastern by Syria Babylon civilization, from the Aegean sea south of the largest island of Crete to the south east, is also very easy to get to the Egypt. These two ancient civilizations and other nationalities are Aegean civilization, eastern civilization and Greek civilization to enrich and develop in the future, so they can in their own culture to create outstanding achievements.

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In the Aegean islands and small the coast of eastern Greece due to the most close to the east, in the aspect of economic and cultural development also have the advantage of the endeavor. There are many islands in the Aegean sea, in total more than 480. The coast of the big island is Rhodes, Summers, Russian and so on. The sea islands sizes, belonging to the base carat tees and north and south islands, the bottom three islands group. Aegean islands largest, however, is also the biggest center Aegean civilization, is in the sea area, the southernmost island of Crete, it like a long boat row between Greece and north Africa, something about 250 km long, north and south is relatively short, only 12 to 60 kilometers. The island is hilly mountain in the west and relatively backward. Crete position is superior, convenient sea, become south to Egypt, north Greece’s hub.

Greek mainland is divided into north Greece, Greece and southern Greece in three parts. It is always in Athens, Greece from ancient Greece’s biggest political, economic and cultural center. Southern Greece in geography and nickname “ROM sass peninsula, the northeast side Mycenae in later generations of Crete, Aegean civilization status is very important. During the period of the Greek civilization, Greece and the Aegean islands are respectively set up hundreds of tiny city-state, not always united, but in terms of nationality, language, culture and customs are more consistent. In a tiny city-state on the state of dispute and the outstanding civilization achievements, it is a feature of the Greek east civilization. It is to a certain extent, and the Aegean islands are gathering, the Greek mainland was mountains divided into numerous small area of the characteristics of geographical environment.

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