Know about Cairo and Cairo museum before your travel

Where is Cairo located?

Egyptian capital Cairo, located in the south of the Nile delta vertex 14000 meters, 200 kilometers north of the Mediterranean.

About the Cairo:

Egypt’s capital Cairo across the Nile, magnificent verve and look spectacular, is the political, economic and commercial center in the Middle East. It all by the province in Cairo, Giza city part of the province and leave Libya combined composition, generally referred to as the big Cairo. Cairo has a population of nearly 15.77 million, is the largest city in Egypt and the Arab world, and it is also one of the world’s top ten cities.

Ancient Egypt said Cairo as the “Mother of the city”, and the Arabs called Cairo the” al-Qāhirah ” which means the conqueror or the winner.

Of the Nile, the world famous river, flows through the city, is divided into two parts and continue to go north. After injection separated the mainland of the Mediterranean, it formed a broad and rich in the Nile delta. The top of the large city of Cairo is in the top of the delta.

The formation of Cairo can be traced back to about 3000 BC the ancient kingdom, as the capital, also has a history of more than one thousand years. About 30 kilometers of Cairo southwest is the ruins of ancient Memphis. On the ground, a piece of green shade, there is a small yard, it is the museum of Memphis, there are giant statues with a long history. In the yard, there is a sphinx in intact, where people linger and take photography as a souvenir.

By about 20 km west to the ruins of Memphis, one of the seven wonders of the world of the pyramid. Throughout nothing grows, these ancient imperial tomb stone imposing, and Egypt to show visitors they were former dignity.

Cairo museum

Cairo museum:

In the side of downtown Cairo’s square, is Egyptian museum, which collections in more than 100000, in the introduction of culture, especially in the period of pharaoh of Egypt and Greece – Roman antiquities, is unparalleled. Enter door mostly in stone: a survey, the sarcophagus, stone tablets, stone pillars, various, it is difficult to. This is the history of Egypt, is also a “stone”.

And are not far apart, this museum is located in an island in the Nile Cairo tower, 187 meters high. On the modern building, the city scenery, panoramic view; On the streets of transit vehicles, large and small mosque vault, rows of tall buildings, crisscross, stately elevated highway, and the white sails, float if jade belt of the river, ripples into the sea, generate.

Cairo for is located in the three states of Oriental and African studies, the transportation hub, walking the streets, people of all colors. The locals, wide robe big sleeve, antique. It is also seen as in some blocks, occasionally rode on a donkey grazing peasant, is new. This is perhaps the epitome of old Cairo or the remnants of ancient Cairo, but harmless, the wheel of history, and still with the city, to the more modern path.


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