Introduce the Suwon city of South Korea

Suwon city is the province city of Gyeonggi-do in South Korea, is also the political, economic, cultural and transportation center of Gyeonggi-do. The area of it is about 121.13 square kilometers, includes Chang’an , Gwonseon-gu, Paldal-gu three districts. The population is about 920,000, according to the statistics in the year of 2000.

Suwon city, located in the central part of the west bank of the Korean peninsula, located in east longitude 127 degrees and 37 degrees north latitude, 44 kilometers from Seoul, is apart from South Korea‘s second-largest port city of Incheon about 42 kilometers, is the satellite city of Seoul. At the same time, Suwon city is one of the host city of the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Average altitude of 128 meters, the annual average temperature 11.4 degrees heat and average annual rainfall 1261 mm, belongs to the temperate maritime climate. In the new one thousand, Suwon city in order to show the world a new image, the city of Suwon were changed to pine, city bird for egrets, flower as azaleas.

Travel to Suwon city of South Korea

Suwon city is a historical and cultural city, the city was built in 1796. In 1949 by the Suwon township upgraded to Suwon city, Gyeonggi-do province in 1967 is located by the Seoul government moved to Suwon, Suwon city as a hub city in the south of Seoul, the urban construction, industry, science, technology, agriculture and so on have a rapid development.

Suwon city has the strong economic, great industrial foundation, advanced science and technology. The main manufactures are the main industries are electronics, electrical appliances, chemical fiber, clothing, etc. Among them, the famous Samsung electronics, SK textiles have a lot of production factory is located in Suwon. At the same time, the original city water or South Korean agricultural research center, Seoul national university agronomy and several south Korean government department of agriculture’s research institute in Suwon.

The folk art activities in Suwon city are every year. Such as the year of “Citizen Festival” in October 15, and the” Culture festival of Suwon city” in the middle of October are all very famous.

Suwon city, to strengthen international exchanges, in addition to conclude sister city relationships with China, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, the United States, Turkey, Romania, Mexico and other countries of cities to establish friendly relations.


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