Introduce the French wine grapes by regions

If listed 15 good French wine regions, you will find a characteristic: they have to “bring their reputation capital of wine or distilled spirits and wealth of the same name. But not all places in France are so! In Alsace, for example: there isn’t a wine with an “A.O.C Strasbourg touched” words, and is rich in Champagne Reims and Epernay with local produce of Pompadour is often recommended by “after drinking wine with unique make women more beautiful and moving”, there is no any contact on the name. According to its brewed wine level (regional, district and town level wine), these wine city can be divided into three classes. In its farming vineyard in the city of the same name, the most famous is the Bordeaux. It is a monument of bordeaux grape planting, and all such as: Medoc, Saint Emilion and other grape producing area of port

It is worth noting that near Bordeaux and two with the similar cities, such as Bergerac and Cognac. Bergerac is located in the same grape producing area, rich in Monbazillac which fragrant wine, and located in grapevine Cognac Charentes, gives its name to those in the delicate oak barrel brewing out of the world famous brandy.

French wine grapes by regions

Points regional wine is also the case. In some of the smaller area is mainly in Bourgogne and Loire regions, place names have already become the people, those who let a person lick one’s chaps attractive wine.

In Bourgogne, people divided Bourgogne area into several smaller single bit is called the “hill”. Therefore, some slopes (E.X: Côte de Nuits, La Cote de Beaune wines name instead of central cities respectively with Nuits Saint – Georges city and the city of Beaune wines corresponding). Located in the southern city Maconnais Macon – sur – Saone named by their own vineyards. The wines are named Macon or Macon Villages. One of the most pleased that letting a person Taste pure, aromatic white wine and red wine. Park in the Loire grape cultivation for more than 1000 kilometers, prestigious Anjou and Touraine is located here. As well as the production and the city’s famous name wine, Angers andTours (and Pays Nantais production of wine is called Muscadet wine!) The most famous example of this is, many cities and towns in the region in the last century had become the legal region wine production areas. This has been the Ensemble Du Vignoble Bourguignon tradition of each producing grape town, will use the name of the town to wine production named (such as: the town Pommard, Vosne – Romanee, Meursault, Gevrey Chambertin, etc.) and most of the alcohol and wine Saint Joseph, Chateauneuf Du Pape, Saint – Peray, etc.). More precisely, in other wine-producing regions, also can find a similar situation: in Provence, named after Cassis wine; In Bordeaux, Pomerol and Pauillac, etc. Also in Roussillon, Banyuls and Rivesaltes had famous wine!French wine grapes

Wine lovers will not be deterred by the classification of these troubles! To sum up, this is a unique opportunity for you. You can travel in France and invite wine country at the same time, and review those who have forgotten the geographical knowledge!

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