Interesting Facts About Best New York Hotels

Are you one of those 46 million tourists who pay a visit to New York City every year? As you travel to the City that never sleeps you can be rest assured that you would get a hotel that will suit your budget. New York City has a huge list of hotels which are famous for their hospitality and services, however the more sweet you want your drink to be, the more sugar you have to add to it. New York hotels do not only have exemplary services on their platter, they have many extraordinary tales to be told as well.

Some of the most pricy and luxurious New York hotels include the Waldorf-Astoria hotel, the Four Seasons, The Knickbroker, Langham Place hotel and the Plaza Hotel. Each of these fine hotels has some facts attached to them that make them one of the best hotels in the city of New York.

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Get amazed by the vastness of Waldorf Astoria

The Waldorf Astoria located in the heart of midtown Manhattan is one of the largest and tallest hotels of the world. The hotel has 1413 (you read it right, there is no typo error here) rooms and the covers up one full block in Manhattan. The Presidential suites are the staying places for US Commanders in Chief when they travel to NYC. This hotel claims to be first hotel in the world that offered room service to its guests. The pride of creating the Waldorf salad also goes in the name of the Waldorf Astoria hotel which has the legacy of having President Roosevelt as its guest as well.

Book the costliest room at Four Seasons

Want to spend some dollar? As you travel to NYC, book the Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons hotel by paying a meager amount of $34000 (there are no extra zeros being typed erroneously). The 4300 sq ft sized penthouse is the costliest hotel room in the whole planet. The fully leather clad dressing room, private spa and out of the world interiors will simply make you forget that you just signed the heftiest check to pay for a hotel bill.

Get to stay in the birthplace of Martini drink

Having the privilege to have world famous Opera singer Enrico Caruso as a resident for a long duration, the Knickerbocker hotel is one of the first luxury hotels in Times Square, the heart of NYC. The 330 guest rooms of this hotel have seen eminent guests like Rockefeller, Fitzgerald and many more. The world famous drink Martini is believed to have taken birth in the bar of the Knickerbocker.

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Langham and Plaza are the classiest

Situated on Fifth Avenue in New York the Langham Place hotel is the right place to feel the vibrant spirit of the Big Apple for those who travel from outside. It is considered to be the best place for those who want modern luxury in the package of urban sophistication. The best advantage of this hotel is its location. Catching a public transport to take you to any part of NYC is just a few minutes’ walk from this hotel in case you do not want get the cab that gets arranged by the hotel.

Considered to be a playground for the rich and famous the Plaza Hotel also has the fame of being the first pet friendly hotels in New York. The hotel has the heritage of treating famous people from the music industry, businessmen and actors. The hotel is in very close proximity to the Central Park so one may want to stretch their feet in the morning or late evening.

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