Information on the things to do when you travel to Portugal

Portugal is present on the Liberian west coast. Portugal is considered to be one among the most visited place due to various aspects such as its idyllic climate, exceptional spots of attractions and on top of all the affordable cost of travelling. Here are some of the most important places to visit on your travel to Portugal:

Lisbon: this mesmerizing place would be present in the Tagus river banks that is located near Atlantic Ocean. The capital of the country would be the largest city that offers upward winds when compared among seven level of steep hills.

Algarve: gorgeous beaches, historic sites, Mediterranean climate, fabulous cuisine, picturesque towns and the most important would be affordable costs are considered to be some of the aspects that can find in Algarve, Portugal.

Obidos: it is considered to be located on the top of hill on the western part of Portugal in Centro region. It is encircled by some of the old fortified wall. Apart from the wall you can find medieval castle that is magnificent to behold.

Sintra: this exquisite city can be found on the Sintra mountain foothills of Lisbon coast. It would just about a day trip from the capital city of Portugal. You can find plenty of palaces, castles, pretty villas and royal retreats.

The cuisines of Portugal would be typically hearty and straightforward, relying on high quality and fresh ingredients. From the mountains that is present in the north to the plains and rolling hills that can be found on the south, Portugal has to offer a variety of culinary delights. These delights would be a perfect blend of mesmerizing ingredients you can get on the fertile land to the best you can find at sea.

Trip to Portugal

Here are some of the best food that you need to try when you travel to Portugal

  • Alheira de Mirandela: this is a variety of fowl sausage and also happens to be one among the cheapest and very commonly found on Portuguese menu.
  • Arroz de Tamboril: The world Tamboril is a Portuguese word for monkfish. It not a very commonly found dish in Portugal but you can find a large varieties of dishes in the market that comprise of monkfish as a very staple ingredient.
  • Bacalhau: this is more than a simple traditional dish that you can find in the markets of Portugal. It is also considered to be the obsessional food of the nation itself. This is the dish that you can find on the eve of Christmas every year.
  • Cataplana de Marisco: there is no restaurant in the markets of Portuguese that would be complete without having this dish with shellfish on their menu. It’s a seafood stew that would be cooked with a double copper pan and would be served with chips or rice. The region that would commonly prepare this dish at Portugal would be Algarve.

You can find out more such type of best quality dishes that you must try it when you travel to Portugal. Make sure to check for the best restaurants in the market first.

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