Information about Paris, the capital of France

Paris, the capital of France, one of the world’s most famous prosperous metropolis, is known as the”Flower of the world”. Paris is located in the northern France, span on both sides of the Seine. Urban area is about 105 square kilometers, and including Paris city and the surrounding region of 7 provinces a total area is 12 square kilometers. Paris city of more than 2.3 million people, region population of about 10.07 million, is one of the world’s most populous metropolis.

Paris is not only the capital of French, is also a Western Europe’s political, economic and cultural center. History, as the Chinese dynasties, the French capital, Paris is the capital of the republic of the bourgeoisie, and is also the birthplace of the bourgeois revolution in France. Today, many of the French government administrative organs, party organizations, and administrative institutions at the provincial level is still in here, some important international organizations are also located in Paris. Paris is the economic center of France, the country’s largest industrial and commercial city.

Information about Paris, the capital of France

Paris’s industrial production accounts for about a quarter of the whole country. Paris, the number of workers accounted for about 1/5 of the whole country. The automotive industry is in the country first. In light industry, Paris has the traditional clothing, cosmetics, ornaments and fashionable furniture, etc., these products enjoy world reputation. Paris’ famous global perfume, is called the “dream industry” as a national treasure. Paris’s financial, securities, insurance industry is very prosperous. There is also the financial center, the financial markets in Paris, is one of the important financial markets around the world. Business is booming. Europe’s largest malls – four seasons mall is located in la defense in Paris. Famous international fair of Paris, Trocadero, is an available for perennial exhibition “expo city”. Paris is the transport hub of France, transported 13 million passengers a day. Road traffic across the country to concentrate in Paris, formed a radial surrounds us transportation network.

Paris the capital of France

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, like a steel giant towers in central Paris along the Seine river. The Louvre museum is located in the right bank of the Seine, is famous for its rich collection of classical painting and sculpture at the world, is one of the most valuable buildings French Renaissance. In the central city on the island of the Seine Notre Dame DE Paris is a French gothic architecture, it is not only because of Hugo’s famous novel “Notre Dame DE Paris” is famous, but also because it is the most ancient Paris best Catholic church, the maximum and the Chinese architectural history, and the arc DE triomphe and the palace of Versailles, etc., are all the favorite attractions for the visitors around the world.


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