Tips Of How To Travel Germany And Switzerland At The Same Time

From the nature of the vast, acme of classical aesthetics, as well as the European process the interpretation of science and technology, in this trip give you a hug

In Switzerland the most valuable double peak, with two different points of view, to experience the beauty of the Alps

The most beautiful essence is in the Alps in Switzerland, especially in the Jungfrau advantaged. Matterhorn interlaced mountain scenery, scattered flocks, such as white yarn from the snow-capped mountains, you can arrange two different way to visit this 2 big name peak in the Alps, and arrange the dining scene in the mountain, to keep your heart ~ in the most beautiful Swiss mountain city!

Outside the scenery, you will be more love on Switzerland’s medieval feeling, because of the thick knight style city will complete.

Depth about Switzerland, you will know the beauty of the Alps is your impression of her intended, but classical medieval buildings will be you feel surprised to her!

Since the middle ages of the holy Roman empire as early as the 11th century the inseparable relations with Switzerland, so southeast tourism special arrangement to Byrne, Lausanne, the company’s three major cities, because in our thoughts, we will call them the culture of the middle ages, Switzerland’s big three cities, also symbolizes the still come here, you will see the variety of classical architecture.

The holy Roman empire fell in love, Germany’s medieval city

Germany is the birthplace of the holy Roman empire, to this day, around the size of the fort in the city are still functional because it is over, became the most famous tourist attractions, travel in Germany, the German government, under the careful planning and protection to these famous city remains of architecture and urban landscape at the time, so the southeast tourism special arrangement on the medieval city of military heavy juniper fort, religious center fort W├╝rzburg, college in Heidelberg and the elector you crowned in Nuremberg, Germany classical architecture of the diversity in the extreme.

MW museum in Munich

In Germany, with the high-tech craft of recent distance. The BMW museum in Munich

BMW museum in Munich for BMW enthusiasts become one of the most important factors to visit Germany. Since it opened in 1973, has become a record of the BMW AG Munich BMW museum history and connect now and the future of a place.

After two and a half years to build, the newly built museum covers over 5000 square meters, covers an area has expanded to five times. There are seven theme pavilions, 25 exhibition information, there are one hundred and twenty-five exhibits. Meet the needs of the history shows that there are a lot of the exhibition hall space are in a similar time to the conceptual design of the tunnel.

Note: in case of partial departure day maintenance or appointment is full, the BMW Museum is to visit the Deutsches Museum, the world’s largest science and technology Museum, located in Munich, Germany, has 50 approximately 28000 exhibits in the field of science and technology.

Switzerland train trip

Experience Switzerland train trip

Swiss gold view train first class: modern science and technology, modern appearance of the car, crossing the Alps mountain, blue sky and the sunshine into the car, the vast pasture area, and the picture of the European-style village house, beautiful Swiss mountain scenery along the way past the window one by one.

Car-train: take a tour bus train crossing, linking the north and south across the Alps, touring car on the train, the train with touring along the mountain track and experience the unique way to travel.

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