Have the best vacation on the Bali resorts in Indonesia

Walked the streets of the Bali road pop up a lot of small stone tower, the top of the tower there is a small shrine, is the patron saint of local for inside. Patron saint of the front, neck all the time with fresh flowers, the local people every morning the first thing to do is update as offerings of flowers.

Bali, Indonesia 90% people are Muslim, and was almost universal belief in Hinduism, but Bali people almost what ghosts and gods worship. Such as merchants set up shop, decoration gifts: flowers, money, incense, even indispensable a offerings is the copper wire from China.

Most of the temple in Bali is shek mun and stone. No matter how long years, were all born with moss, in history, feast for the eyes. Sea is the most famous temple, although looks not tall, but because sea temple deep into the sea, and the background is the vast sea, but have a marvelous. Especially at sunset is the more glaring and fantasy.

Bali resorts in Indonesia

Ranked by ubud – most Bali’s hometown

Ubud in Bali, like Lijiang in Yunnan province, a small place, it is a traditional style combines modern exotic pleasure in small place. If you plan to live on an evening in Ubud, you can enjoy the romantic dinner and bar street, and characteristics of resort hotel or the bustling street bar.

Bali, wood carving is very famous and the most worthy of collection are handmade, tend to be unique, price is quite reasonable. Buy handmade wood carving, the most suitable place but is the tradition of Ubud market and boutiques around, and have to vicious to bargain certainly. There are many excellent painting is worth buying.

Ubud palace is the most famous scenic spots, is the home of the Ubud before the magistrate, since the family’s descendants still live in the palace of the back yard. It also shows a local dance called “the cage”, is derived from the lion dance in southern China.

Along with the waves up and down the fit

Actually not particularly exquisite KUTA beach, the sea is not inviting blue. Here is the paradise of the surf, because the waves are neither too big nor too small and especially suitable for primary surfing.

Even if you for surfing at all can’t, no relationship, as long as a day or even half a day, you will be able to enjoy the feeling on the center of the fit. KUTA beach, there are many provide surfboard rental and coach, coaching peilian surfing association of about 400 yuan, has been taught to you can stand on a surfboard surfing.

KUTA beach surrounded with famous brand shop, foreigner street, it is said that sports and the POLO brand (local production, so the cost is low) is cheaper, can consider to purchase.

Another beach called TANJUNG (south bay beach, famous for WATER sports, such as ADI WATER SPORT (ADI WATER sports company). Play banana boat, glass boat, the boat has been old, or try a paraglider “water” and “flying fish” more exciting new project.



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