Handy Travel Guide & Information For You To Plan A Vacation In Hawaii

Hawaii is a world famous tourist resort. Beach, Coconut scenic with attraction view. At the age of the tropical climate of the trade winds blowing, which is like the memory code of a key, open the dusty deep in the memory making a person lazy and sensation. For centuries in the south Pacific, humanistic management, due to the isolated, and gives birth to a unique culture. Such as Hawaii Ukulele and hula, around the beautiful love story, always let people feel some mysterious and romantic color.


Hawaiian islands are located in the central Pacific Ocean, free flame mountains in underground sea stretched 1523 miles long. By volcanic formation of the eight main islands, 124 islands, and the teams from around the island near a mix of rock and rock spires. Among them 6 of a famous tourist island of Oahu,Kauai,Maui,Molokai, Lanai and the Big Island of Hawaii.

Vacation In Hawaii

Is the exotic island of Hawaii, but it is still a state in 50 states, thus Hawaii’s official language in addition to the Hawaiian language, and English.


Hawaii is the world’s most pleasant resort, pleasant climate all the year round, because is on the verge of a tropical, so there are only two seasons, “summer” during the day, on average, the highest temperature is 85 degrees; “Winter” to 78 degrees, at the age of warm, sea island climate.


Aloha Hawaii section, it is the most traditional and grand festival activities, which have a diversity of song and dance performances and cate party activity); Other international jazz festival in July for Hawaii, is the Lantern Festival in August.

【The traditional costume 】

Dress most bright color and fabric is lightsome, usually with tropical flowers pattern; Boys wear “aloha unlined upper garment”, also known as the Hawaiian shirt, and loose cotton dress “sister”, is the girl wearing, might as well buy a try, into the ground, wearing a dress!

【 Taboo 】

The legendary island volcanic rocks, has the protection of the volcano goddess Pele and charms if carelessly away stones may face punishment, so don’t pick up is the best policy!

Some tips for someone travel to Hawaii:

In order to have more deeply understand charming scenery and the Hawaii and rich humanistic culture in the south Pacific. You can choose to plan trips for seven days and four nights, the island (Oahu) and the big island (volcanic island) each trip for two night. Let you in the big island trip won’t be in a hurry, don’t have time to feel the big island caused by a pure natural beauty of regret; Back to the island and not too much time and appear too empty.

Hawaii Sexy beauty

Does natural guileless island scenery…

Big island volcanoes national park, it has the world’s most active volcano, is each visitors must visit a place. In clear water better than in the south Pacific to Hawaii, if you are like water activities, suggest can take snorkeling, ornamental Hawaii beautiful sea world. If you don’t want to play too stimulating activities, this trip also specially arranged in the dusk, you at the beach bar to drink a cup of Hawaii’s famous “Mai Tai” cocktail, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the “Caixia evening among the day”.

Cora coffee does Hawaii international reputation, and supply the best “cc” (UCC) coffee, understanding and we will take you to visit the small coffee roasting process. Hawaii specialty “Hawaii volcanoes beans”, has large acreage in cora region, its growth process also characteristic.

Do the motives of the island’s enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained atmosphere…

A Honolulu, the capital of the Hawaiian islands is located in the island, all the most perfect tourist facilities, your familiar Waikiki, Waikiki beach is the door of the accommodation in our hotel. You can go to the beauty of the Waikiki beach, swimming, or enjoy the warm sunlight hug, quietly watched the handsome airtime, beautiful beach and sea spectrum out a beautiful picture. Show you understand the historic Pearl Harbour, to see how it changes the second world war in the Pacific war.

Second, the “star” of Hawaii – love boat Along the coast of Waikiki cruise on the sea, drink the Hawaii famous cocktail drinks, listen to the band playing the music of romantic passion, the beefsteak, crab feast, enjoy the beautiful scenery, let you completely intoxicated in the happy time.

Three painted, big island (dole pineapple orchard, Harley in town, sunset beach) Harley in surfing town – full of Hawaii’s first rainbow ice, Mr Obama’s favorite burger in the town! We specially arranged this trip for guests to experience the Hawaiian besides shopping play water humanistic amorous feelings.

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