France Tourism : Some Best Places To Visit And What To See In France

No matter if you have been to Paris or it’s the first time came to France, and you love French romantic amorous feelings without forgetting her for a moment. This time we take you to visit unique Normandy province of northern France, and went to the famous Catholic shrine in st. Michael hill, city, town visit many in the north method of impressionist painting, more to the famous champagne Aden area, and then returned to Paris, and take you to experience the scene with the left bank cafe like advertising, and visit a unique art temple.

Tourism Normandie, in hometown and impressionist painter favored by pirates

The 9th century BC, when the French coastal area is suffering from the Vikings, the Vikings leader “Rollo” baptized Christians in Rouen, and will be set to Rouen Normandy capital, they become rulers from the predator and that opened up the history of Normandy.

Languid is lazy and quiet and beautiful coastal fishing village town amorous feelings, attracted writers and artists to be here by the wind waves, including the Dumas, Monet, etc… Have got here works inspired.

bank of Paris

The birthplace of the impressionist France, pursuing masters Vincent. Vincent Van Gogh’s footprint

Let us use the camera, into the classic master paintings in the scene together!

Auvers Sur Oise: has many classic scene in the painting, van Gogh as high as 80 a few, and Vincent van Gogh’s last final settlements

On the left bank of Paris,don’t wait to appreciate the most in the humanities

Stroll on the left bank of Paris love, visit the humanities of great sage of area, and Hugo’s island of the west embankment and the cathedral of Notre Dame, of course, also can’t forget to visit rose meridian is located in the Da Vinci code story ~ Eglise Saint Sulpice, the gothic architecture of SAN hui BiSi church is located in the southern bank of the Seine, is second to the Notre Dame cathedral, also has the country’s largest organ, legend or freemasons Hugo wedding here.


In the French Champagne-Ardenne area, description and sparkling wine encounters

Only in French champagne district can be called champagne, sparkling wine produced here, must further wine cellar, experience the manufacturing process of champagne, and we specially arranged tasting champagne glass.

Paris art in the chapel, and arrange local licenses guide

Louvre, the Musee du Louvre ~ in Paris in the past to the present, now and forever proud of the future.

In Galeries Lafayette Paris SHOPPING diary, with fashion style.

Lafayette in Paris in 1893 opened its first department store, because the location is superior, the relationship between business activity, and expand business, so it is located in position in the rear of the opera house, there are three buildings belong to Lafayette department. A wide variety of goods available to make it a good place for shopping, not timing shows and be fond of pop one of the reasons of people. In addition, in the old and the arch is listed as monuments of colored drawing or pattern glass roof.

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