Flying Around The World Could Be Inexpensive With These Tips

The most convenient and fastest way to travel the world is by flying around the world as that will save a lot of journey time for intercontinental as well as cross country travel. However, if you are a budget traveler then you might find this option a bit pricey unless you know the various tips and tricks that could make flying around the globe a real inexpensive affair.

Check the dates of your travel thoroughly

If you have the wish of flying around the world then you would have to plan your tour itinerary in a very strategic manner. Usually, air tickets are the costliest during Christmas and New Year time and other seasonal festivities in various countries. You need to plan your travel keeping in mind these significant dates that would require you to pay extra for the air tickets, and you can save quite a lot on the tickets of airplanes.

Also, you should not plan to travel the world at the eleventh hour as tickets of airplanes would be very costly at the last hour. Instead, a plan that is made well in advance would let you book your air tickets at a much cheaper price. Opt for the low cost airlines which come up with lucrative offers from time to time that could also help your budget to a great extent.

Round the world tickets offer convenient flying options

If you intend to cover the most famous places of different countries across the globe, you can opt for the round the world ticket which is a very good and economic option for flying around the world. These tickets allow multiple stopovers at different cities of different countries and let you save at least 25% to 30% on air tickets which are a very high amount when calculated over the overall expenditure of the travel.

Flying Around The World with round the world tickets

The only hitch in planning the travel by means of round the world flights is that as these tickets will let you fly with airlines which are in alliance, in case you wish to visit a not so visited place where the airlines do not operate, you would have to alter your tour itinerary to exclude the place in question. Also, while flying with round the world tickets, you cannot travel back towards the origin city. You will have to plan your travel in a way that you cross the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean only once.

Use the air miles

Another option to fly around the world without having too much of a dent on the pocket is by utilizing the free air miles that are being given by the credit cards as a part of the frequent flyer program. You may also consider signing up with certain credit cards who offer free air miles as a signup bonus. There are many banks that are in partnership with various airlines and if you spend a stipulated amount of money on the card, they reward you with tens of thousands of free air miles which you can utilize while you travel the world by air.

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