Finding The Right Girl Would Be A Tough Task While You Travel To Madrid

If you are one of those men who love to get company of local girls for quick stints of affairs then your travel to Madrid may not give you very encouraging results. Picking up Madrid girls may not be as difficult as setting foot on the surface of moon, but Spanish girls from Madrid are not very open when it comes to get along with foreigners. However, it is believed that every law has an exception and that exception is what you will have to bank upon while you travel to Madrid.

If you are not fashionable, you are never in

Madrid is considered to be one of the world’s fashion capitals and hence when you travel to Madrid and hope to get hooked with a Madrid beauty, you cannot afford to stay unfashionable. Most Spanish men are good looking, and more importantly they have an amazing sense of fashion, all of them. Spanish girls are used to looking at and hanging around with men who are fashionable, hence if you want to hook up with one Madrid girl, change your fashion and do the way the Spaniards do.

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Brush up your knowledge of football

The win in the 2008 soccer World Cup and the presence of the much famed club Real Madrid FC has made Madrid girls go gaga about soccer. Even if they do not know much about it, they would still expect their boyfriends to know quite a bit of the game. Possibly you cannot match your skills with the ball against a Pique or a Xavi, but it you can manifest some levels of knowledge, you are done!

They love to keep their men waiting

Be ready of two things while you plan make exotic love while you travel to Madrid. The Madrid girls will keep you waiting for long, first when they come for a date and second when you try to pull her on the bed. Spanish girls, especially the ones from Madrid take their own sweet time to submit to a man, for no specific reason.

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As Spain is one of the most visited countries of the world, you cannot expect any special attention just because you are an expat. They are used to look at foreigners’ day in and day out. Hence if you have to catch up with a Madrid girl in any of the bars and cafes it is imperative that you speak the local language so that you can get along well with them. Usually nightlife of Madrid starts at around 1AM and by 4AM in the morning bags are packed. Hence trying to hook up with a girl in these public places of Madrid is a real difficult task unless you have some references. You will have to wait for good number of days before you can meet the girl who matches the specifications that you have been carrying in your mind since the beginning of your travel to Madrid.

Some strict Don’ts

Some of the things that you should absolutely avoid doing while you are trying to pick up a girl include not saying even one negative word about her family, specially her mother. Local men say that if you want to pick the girl, earn the confidence of the mother and the girl is yours.

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