Explore Easter Island – The Land Of The Moai As You Travel To Chile

As you travel to Chile you may want to plan to visit the Easter islands that are located at around 3700 kms off the Chilean coasts and are famous in the whole world for the gigantic monolithic statues of human faces that have cut out of volcanic rocks sometime between the twelfth and the seventeenth century and are scattered all throughout the island.

History of the island

There are different schools of thoughts when it comes to the history of the East Island. Some historians believe that the island was first inhabited during 300-400 CE whereas another group believes that first settlement of human race in the Easter Island was never before 700-800 CE. The stone statues for which the island has gained its name and fame were however are believed to have been built during the early twelfthcentury to seventeenth century.

Beautiful Easter Island Travel to Chile

An encounter with the Moai

The much famed statues of Easter Island which the locals call as Moai are the primary reason for people to come to Easter Islands while they travel to Chile. There are 887 such monoliths which are scattered all throughout the island and the unique thing about them is that barring the Ahu Akivi which has seven Moai, all the statues face away from the ocean. It is believed that the dwellers of the island had made these statues resembling their leaders who were dead and they were placed atop stone platforms at a height so that the leaders could still watch their land and people whom they have been ruling before.

The Moai or the stone statues are pretty high structures of a human face with the shoulders and some part of the torso as well. Some of the statues are as high as 37 feet and it shows impeccable skills of the ancient islanders who carved out such statues out of monoliths of volcanic stone.

Apart from the Moai, Easter Island also has many other attractions for people who travel to Chile. Scuba diving in the azure blue waters of the Pacific ocean, adventurous sights of the volcanic craters, long stretch of pristine white sand beaches are some of the attractions that come additional with the historic Moai to those who come to the Easter island while they travel to Chile.

Easter Island Travel to Chile

Best time to travel

Best time to travel to Chile and to the Easter Island is during the months of December to March when it is the summers in this part of the globe. You may want to avoid the monsoons during June and July as the already non smiling Moai statues would look even more serious and depressing under overcast conditions. The Tapato Rapa Nui festival, which is the annual festival of the locals take place during the month of February hence paying a visit during that time, could add a pinch of more fun and excitement to your whole trip. Most of the accommodations here at the Easter Island are quite pricey hence you may want to check your budget properly while you travel to Chile.

The best option to reach the Easter Islands of Chile is by means of air. The Mataveri International Airport serves the passengers who travel to this isolated and mysterious island in the Pacific Ocean. Flights are available from Santiago in Chile and Papeete in Tahiti.

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