Experience The Untamed Wilderness As You Travel To Alaska

Want a pinch of adventure in your regular mundane life? Plan a travel to Alaska to get the desired dose of thrill, adventure and fun. The best part of Alaska is that you do not need any specific highlighted tourist spot to visit. Anywhere you look at will give you the most picturesque landscape and wilderness that you would hardly get at any other place.

Best time to travel

Owing to the super freezing temperatures during the winters, most people plan their travel to Alaska during May to September, but if you can handle the brutally low temperatures of the winter you stand a great chance to witness the Northern lights which will leave you completely spellbound with its magical appearance. Another plus of visiting Alaska during the winters is that you could see the Yukon Quest Sledge dog race which is most celebrated event by the Alaskans.

A quick look at the places

Alaskan land is divided into five regions namely Inside passage, South-central, Interior, Far North and Southwest regions. Of these, South Central and South West regions are the most popular amongst the tourists. Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks, Sitka are some of the major cities of Alaska that as a tourist you can visit during your travel to Alaska. The Anchorage Museum is worth paying a visit as you could see the vast collection of more than 2500 ethnographic and historic objects. The Kenai Fjords National Park in South Central Alaska will offer your memorable tours of marine wildlife and calving glaciers. The Denali mountain peak which boasts being the highest peak in North America is worth paying a visit.

Travel To Alaska Cruise Tips Guides

To get your share of wildlife viewing you need to go the Kodiak Island to spot bears. Many people think that their travel to Alaska will guarantee watching a polar bear, but the fact is that polar bears are found in the frozen end of North Alaska and that is one area that is not accessible to many tourists owning to extreme climatic conditions. The regular black bears of Alaska can be spotted in plenty on the Kodiak Islands.

Getting around in Alaska

Getting around in the various cities of Alaska could be a costly affair if you are planning your travel to Alaska during the Alaskan summers i.e., during May to September. Getting around in the capital city of Anchorage can be done by walking, but for other places public buses, trains and taxis are available. Traveling within Alaska can be done by various modes of transportation like the boat, by motor coaches which are locally termed as Charters, by train or by planes. Traveling by boat would let you experience the mesmerizing beauty of Alaskan waters as you get to see some of the most exquisite marine life en route.

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While you would certainly want to go adventurous on this land of ice and jungles, still there are some Don’ts that you should be following to make your experience a memorable and pleasant one. Do not try to feed any of the wild animals in the sanctuaries. You never know when they decide to change their taste and try to be ‘overfriendly’ with you. Exploring the various hidden wonders of Alaska should never be done alone and always should be done under expert guidance.

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