Experience the beautiful Garden City in Singapore

Singapore locates in 1 degrees north latitude, the land area of 646 square kilometers and a population of 3.2 million, equivalent to China’s megacities population scale, and many of China’s tropical city with similar climate conditions. In march of this year the author had the opportunity to participate in organized by Singapore’s national parks “a garden city” construction and management of technical training, witnessed the Singapore garden city construction practice, from Singapore’s colleagues systematically understanding to its history, present situation of the construction of the garden city and its development trend.

Garden City in Singapore
Singapore’s most attractive place is its good afforest environment, and it has become one of the major tourist attraction. This is not a natural coincidence, but the result of careful planning. The urban planning has specialized in the chapter “green and blue plan”, is equal to the urban green space system planning in our country. The plan to ensure that under the condition of rapid development of urbanization, Singapore still has the green and clean environment, make full use of water and green space to improve the Singapore people’s quality of life. Pay special attention to in the planning and construction to build more parks and open space; Will the main park green public corridor connected; Attaches great importance to protect the natural environment; Make full use of the coastline and the island’s water system is suitable for leisure demand. In the eighty s, Singapore’s urban construction rapid development under the guidance of the planning, the government departments in the eye in the future at the same time, the consciousness to protect the precious historical building and the importance of cultural heritage, then draw the need to protect the buildings and related areas, set up the national protection agency responsible for the work. In the booming cities is created a cool shade environment, plants weaken the stiffness of reinforced concrete frame and glass curtain wall line, increased the color of the city. Singapore’s city construction goal is to make people in out of the office, home or school, feel the body in a garden-like city. For Singapore has reached the following indicators: in the apartment type of real estate development project, construction land should be lower than 40% of the total land; In every township of the construction of the housing development corporation should have a 10 hectares of the park; In each of the construction of housing development corporation building residential areas, should be within 500 metres of a 1.5 hectare park; Every one thousand people in the real estate project should be 0.4 hectares of open space.

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