Enjoy The Beauty Of Chicago From The Elevated L Trains

Navy Pier, Shedd Aquarium, Field museum of natural history, Grant Park, Lincoln Park, Adler Planetarium and many places awaits your arrival in the city of Chicago in Illinois during your travel to USA. Famous for the bold architecture, the city of Chicago can be roamed around by walking, thanks to the easy to navigate downtown grid. For those who do not want to strain their leg muscles, CTA or Chicago Transit Authority brings on the country’s second largest transport system of rail and bus.

Ventra Transit Cards is the first thing to get hold of

Purchasing a Ventra transit Card will save you from the hassle of paying cash every time you board a bus or train in Chicago during your travel to USA. You can also purchase an Unlimited Ride Pass that will save a lot of bucks for you in case your duration of stay is long and you intend to use the public transport system pretty much. The one day disposable Ventra card that you can use both in bus and rail would charge you $10 and you can enjoy unlimited rides within 24 hours. The 3 day pass for unlimited rides will cost you $20, and the 7 day pass will cost around $28. There is a 30 days CTA pass as well that comes for $100 only.

Elevated L Trains Chicago

Riding the ‘L’ trains is easy and convenient

The ‘L’ trains are the heart line of Chicago’s transport system as they serve a total of 144 rail stations all across Chicago and downtown Chicago. These elevated trains operate on two lines – the Blue line connects the Airport and downtown and the Red Line acts a connecting service link for North and South blocks via downtown.

Fares for using the transportation system is fairly reasonable with the ‘L’ train fare at $2.25 and the bus fare at $2 only, irrespective of the distance being travelled. Up to a couple of additional rides during transfers are allowed for just $0.25 if those rides happen within 2 hours of the first ride.

Apart from the ‘L’ trains, There are Metra Commuter Rail as well that connects the suburban areas with the heart of the city. A single trip on the Metra rail will cost $2.75 as a base fare which will increase depending on the number of zones being travelled. 10day passes are available at the cost of minimum $27.5 which will increase in proportion to the distance travelled.

Water taxi Chicago

Take taxis – both on land as well as on water

If you have to visit the local tourist spots in Chicago, during your travel to USA, Taxis could serve as a convenient and easy to hail mode of transportation. The base fares of Taxis are $3.35 with additional charge of $1.8 for every mile travelled and $0.20 for every 36 seconds of elapsed time during the ride. It is a standard practice to tip the taxi driver with 15%-20% of the fare.

In case you are looking for some joy ride to all the tourist destinations of the city of Chicago, you can opt for Chicago Water taxi or the Shoreline Water taxi. Willis tower, Chinatown, Museum campus are some of the popular destinations that you can visit by taking a water taxi that will charge a single anything between $3 to $8. Day passes are available for $11 to $29.

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