Enjoy Seoul’s Magic In It’s Subway Trains

Seoul, the capital city of South Korea which offers a perfect blend of pop culture with Buddhist heritage also has to offer a transportation system that you would really find easy and convenient to use during your travel to South Korea. You could pay visits to all the famous tourist spots in sprawling city of Seoul, or you could use the very effective transportation system to just roam around in the city to get a flavor of the town.

Subways of Seoul are the best in the world

The Subways, known as Seoul Metro offers the best and most convenient mode of transportation in the city. The subway service of Seoul has been voted as one of the best metro services round the globe for its frequency of service, cleanliness and last but not the least, for the convenience and ease that it offers to its passengers, specially the new ones.

Subways Seoul maps

While single passes are available for the subway journeys, it is more convenient and recommended that one should get a T-money card as that will save you from standing in the ticket queues and thereby save a lot of time. Another option for tourists during their travel to South Korea is to use the Seoul City Pass+ where a base amount of W3000 has to be loaded and then subsequent recharges can be done with amounts ranging from W1000 to W90000. The recharge of the card can be done from any subway station or at kiosks available at the bus stops. A good advantage of the Seoul City Pass+ is that it can be used for both subways as well as bus journeys.


Get comfortable ride in a taxi in Seoul

There are three categories of taxis available in the city of Seoul. No matter what is your group size as you travel to South Korea, Seoul taxis have options for every size possible. If you are a small group of 3-4 people, the regular orange taxis is what you need. These sedan taxis are widely available almost in any part of the city and can be hailed easily. The base fares of the orange taxis are W3000 for first 2 kms, with additional travel being charged at W100 per 142 meters. The idle time charges are W100 per 35 seconds.

If you are a bigger group, it is jumbo taxis that you would need to look for. These are SUV cars which can fit up to 8 passengers at one go. In case you want your taxi ride to be a bit more special, you can hire a deluxe taxi. These golden striped black sedans offer more luxury and comfort as well as a comparative safer journey than the regular orange taxis.

Both the jumbo taxi and the deluxe taxi will charge you a same fare which is W5000 for first 3 kms, with extra travel charges at W200 per 164 meters and idle charges at W200 per 39 seconds. International taxis are specially meant for tourists and charges for these are just 20% more than the Orange taxis. The benefit of using an International taxi is that the drivers would be more proficient in foreign languages, mostly English.

Bus services are also widely available in the city of Seoul.

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