Enjoy Ho Chi Minh On Xe Ôm And Cyclos

As you travel to Ho Chi Minh City which is also known as Saigon, you would witness some magnificent French architecture all around the city, which is the result of Vietnam being a French Colony for quite some time. The Notre Dame basilica is one of the best places to visit in Ho Chi Minh along with other attractions like Cu Chi tunnels, Independence Palace , the War remnants palace, Ben Thanh market and many more. You can visit these tourist attractions by various modes of transportation available in the city.

Travel fast with the motorbike taxis

Owing to the high traffic in Ho Chi Minh, the best mode of transportation is the motorcycle taxis or the Xe Ôm as the locals would call it. These are single carrier mode of transport where a motor bike rider will drop you to the place where you want to go. Thanks to the intense skills of the riders, a journey on the Xe Ôm will not let you get stuck by traffic and will take you to your destination pretty fast.

It is a good thing to negotiate and agree on a price before the ride starts. Usually the bikers would ask for 30000 Dongs (equivalent to $1.35), but then that would be a little bit too much and you should start from 15K Dongs only.

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Cyclos are unique to Saigon

Although bit slow, but another unique and interesting mode of commuting while you travel to Ho Chi Minh City would be the Cyclos. If you have time in your hand, go for a cycle ride. These are basically manually driven vehicles where the passenger sits in the front with the driver at the back. Charges similar to Xe Ôm, it is recommended that prices are negotiated before boarding a cyclo. Also, as it is completely open seating arrangement on the vehicle, one needs to be a bit cautious about bags or valuables being snatched away.

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Travel cheap by the buses

During your travel to Ho Chi Minh City you will be amazed to learn that there are more than 150 bus routes plying in the city. The extensive bus service serves as the major mode of getting around in the city for locals and some expats. Bus fares are pretty cheap and start from 3000 Dongs which is just $0.14.

Bus number 152 is to be taken for coming or going to the airport, Bus number 13 to be taken for going to Cu Chi tunnels, bus number 19 leaves Ben Thanh market to go national university en route Suoi Then Amusement Park. From Ben Thanh market, bus number 11 is to be taken for a ride to Dam Sen Water Park.

Taxis are also available in Ho Chi Minh. It is however strongly recommended that fares are being negotiated well before boarding one as the taxi drivers of Saigon would otherwise charge exorbitant rates. Once should always insist on going on meter, in spite of all the efforts of the taxi drivers discouraging the thought. Taxi fares start roughly from 12000 to 14000 Dongs and most places could be traveled at less than 60000 Dongs. A journey from the Airport to the city would cost anything between 100000 Dongs which is around $4.5 only.

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