Details about transportation to reach some of the best places in Seattle, USA

If you are planning to travel to USA then make sure to visit Seattle. For all those people who loved the movie sleepless in Seattle must visit it to make it much more cherish able. Here are some of the best places to visit when you are planning to visit Seattle.

Space needle:

One of the most iconic structure that you can find at Seattle. Your journey would not be complete if you visit Seattle and miss visiting the space needle. It’s about 520 feet high and offers the best view of the city.

Bus: you can board the bus Seattle Tacoma international and get down at Seattle WA – downtown. The ride would be about 32 minutes and is available for 6 time per week. Form there you can walk to space needle that is around 3 minutes only.

Cost: the bus fare would be around $21

Tram: SeaTac Airport railway and international would help you reach the space needle. It would take about 37 minutes to reach the destination. You can find tram for every 15 minutes and get down at Westlake station. You can walk from there to the space needle that would be around 17 minutes.

Cost: it would be around $2 to reach the destination

Seattle Bus

Pike place market:

This market is very popular in Seattle and would be open all around the year. And it’s also a very popular iconic attraction to check. There are plenty of tasty treats that you can find in here. Here are some ideal means to reach pike place market via bus from airport:

Bus: Seattle Tacoma international is the quick shuttle that you can find from airport. It would take around 20 minutes to reach the destination and is available only once a week.

Cost: The cost to reach pike place market on this bus would be $21

On BellAir airporter shuttle: you can board SeaTac from Washington and it would be around 25 minutes. For every 2 hours you can find this service.

Cost: it would cost your around $4 to $5 per ride.

Tram: to travel on a tram you can board a tram at SeaTac Airport Rail and international. It would take around 35 minutes to reach the destination. You can find trams for every 15 minutes.

Cost: it would cost you around $2 per ride

Chihuly Garden and Glass:

This is a very popular fun forest that you can find in Seattle. It comprise of three major aspects such as the Glasshouse, the interior exhibits and the garden. It also comprise of a 90 seater outdoor café as a mesmerizing secondary space.

Cost: price to visit the Chihuly Garden and Glass would be around

  • For regular package – $22 for people aged between 13 to 64.
  • For County special package – $17 for people aged above 17 years of age
  • For senior citizens the price would be $19
  • For children under the age of 3 will be free.

You can check and learn more about the places to visit when you travel to Seattle.

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