Details about transportation to reach some of the best places in Paris

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If you are planning to have a great time in Paris then there are lots of impeccable places to visit. If you are visiting Paris for the first time then here are some details about transportation means to reach some of the best places in Paris.

It’s one of the best places to visit in Paris. If you visit Paris and miss Eiffel tower then your trip is defiantly incomplete. If you are wondering how to reach Eiffel tower then here is some insight for you on the transportation

You can reach Champ De mars train station to Eiffel tower. Some of the other stations that are near to Eiffel tower would be Bir Hakeim via line 6 of metro, Ecole Militaire via line 8 of metro.

To visit via Bus: you need to take nonstop Roissy bus to the Paris opera that is by various big department stores. And from there you can get a taxi easily to reach Eiffel tower. You can board buses such as

  • Bus 87
  • Bus 82
  • Bus 69
  • Bus 42


The cost to reach Eiffel tower using Bus, Metro or Tram would cost as follows:

For 1 ticket it would be 1.8 Euros

If you are buying carnet of 10 tickets comprising full fare then it would be 14.10 Euros. For a carnet of 10 tickets including children under the age of 10 it would be around 7.05 Euros.

Roissy Bus Route

Notre Dame Cathedral:

If you want to reach Notre dame then you can turn left on the Michigan Street, Indiana 933 and then you need to proceed for about two miles to reach Angela Boulevard. Then you need to take right onto Angela and then you are required to take left once your reach the eddy street or second spotlight.

Note: Make sure to follow the visitor parking signs. You can also buy tourist pass that would help you travel everywhere with some great discounts on tickets.

Cost: it would cost around 8.50 Euros to each Norte Dame Cathedral.


Louvre museum:

It is considered to be the most visited museum of art in the whole world. Here are some information on how to reach here:

Metro: using the lane 1 from Palais –Royal – station Musee du Louvre

Bus: You can board bus number 24, 21, 68, 39, 27, 72, 48, 81, 69, 95 or you can opt for Paris open tour bus.

If you are planning to head straight from airport then you can get on RER C train and you need to get off at the Saint Michel Notre Dame. You can either take bus no 27 or walk to the place. Get off near Louvre that is located in opposite of the pyramid. The cost of bus to travel to Louvre would be around 1.8 Euros.

Note: it’s very much recommended to buy carnet tickets or Tourist pass to be able to travel anywhere in Paris without worrying to buy ticket everywhere. The carnet ticket would cost around 14 Euros for 10 people.


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