Top 10 Best Places To Travel Alone As A Woman In The World

Contrary to what the general belief is, the world is not as scary a place for women as it is being thought of. There are many solo woman travelers who travel the world on their own and with a little bit of being cautious and being street smart these women travelers do not find anything to be worried about on the other side of the boundaries. Still for a newbie traveler here are some best places to travel alone as a woman where safety concerns are least and the traveler can travel without any sack of worries on the head.

The safe countries of Europe

To top the list of the best places to travel alone as a woman is Copenhagen in Denmark. Already considered to the happiest country in the world a female traveler would find it absolutely safe on the streets of the capital city of Denmark. Must see attractions include Rosenborg Castle, Christianborg Palace and Tivoli Gardens.

Another best place to travel alone is Norway that is being identified as one of the top 10 countries to treat women equally. The capital city of Oslo is famous for its low crime rates against women and hence this is one of the safest places for solo woman traveler. Must see attractions include Viking Ship Museum, Akershus Fortress and Oslo fjord.

Best Places To Travel Alone As A Woman

Amsterdam is famous for its red light districts and hence is one of the places in the world which is absolutely safe for woman who travel single. Owing to the presence of the red light districts the cops are very much on alert here and any anomaly can be reported very easily. Must see attractions include Dam Square, Rijksmuseum, and Royal Palace of Amsterdam.

Malmo in Sweden is another best place to travel alone where the people are friendly and crime rates are at the lowest. The amazing golf courses and natural landscapes will not even give a chance to you to worry about your safety. Must see attractions include Malmo Castle, Sankt Petri Church and Folkets Park.

Safe countries in North America

Experience the most breathtaking natural landscapes in the multicultural city of Ottawa in Canada. With very low levels of crimes related to assault or armed robbery this is the place to visit for those female travelers who travel the world all alone and are worried about their safety. Must see attractions include Canadian War Museum, National Gallery of Canada and peace Tower.

Check out the natural scenery of the island of Hilo in the Hawaii that attracts thousands of people for a vacation to this paradise island. One of the safest places in the US and the world for women, no cases of female assault has been recorded so far. Must see attractions include the botanical parks on the island.

Travel Alone As A Woman

Asia and Oceania has safe places as well

While most people who travel the world pay a visit to Australia to see the grand opera House of Sydney, but when it comes to finding a place of the best places to travel alone as a woman Sydney will have to make way to Perth. Must see attractions include SciTech, Perth Zoo, Aquarium of Western Australia and Kings Park.

If you can dodge the never ending proposals for a quick session of love making, there is no safer a place than Bangkok in Thailand. Women are seen roaming around on the streets even at late hours of the evening without any worry. Must see attractions include the Grand Palace, and the various Buddhist temples.

Feel absolutely safe amidst the budget travelers from across the globe that assembles at Bali to experience the tranquility of the beaches and the temples. Must see places in Bali are Singaraja, Kuta and Negara.

Last but not the least on the list of top 10 safest places for solo woman traveler is Tokyo in Japan. Having been adjudicated as the safest city in the world, this place is safe not only for women for every traveler who visits to see the picturesque Mt. Fuji and other attractions of Tokyo.

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