Common Tips To Travel The World On A Budget

Airplane, accommodation, food, local transport – these are the four areas of expense while you travel and when you plan to travel the world on a budget these are the areas where you will have to have the hawk’s eye to check whether you are overspending or not. There are many methods by which you can travel the whole world even with a low budget.

Money saving tips on air fares

When you are planning a budget trip, you may want to do so well in advance so that you get the air tickets pretty cheap. The more advance your bookings will be done, the more you would be able to save. You may want to go for low cost airlines which keep on giving out good offers on the air tickets. Also, if you are planning to travel to the much visited places of the world like Paris, Sydney, New York or London, you may want to do so during a lean season when air tickets are actually very low and will suit your budget, no matter how low it is.

Buying a Round the world ticket could also prove to be a big money save when you are planning to travel the world on a budget. With the RTW ticket you would be saved from buying tickets for every leg of the tour. You will have to club your travel destinations into one composite itinerary and book the RTW ticket from an Airline Alliance company.

Tips for Travel The World Cheap

Inexpensive modes of accommodation

Staying in hostel dormitories is an ideal option to save a lot of money while traveling. These come for much cheaper rates as compared to the cheapest hotel that you would find in the place where you are visiting. Do not expect any sort of grandeur as you stay here, but when you have set afoot to travel the world on a budget grandeur and luxury are possibly already parked out. In case you are traveling in a group, staying in a rented apartment could prove a hundred times cheaper than staying in a hotel.

Taste the local flavors in the street foods

To save money on food, street foods are the best option. They not only save you from digging a hole in your pocket but also let you taste the local cuisine and mix with local people. The best way is to cook your food on your own as that would come for a price even cheaper than the street food joints.

Saving money to Travel The World

If you plan to stay for a long duration and cook your own food during your stay, you may want to buy groceries in bulk as that would give you discounts over the purchased items. If at all your heart craves to taste the fine looking food in one of those fancy restaurants, check out for happy hours as that’s the time they give out discounts on the food like crazy.

Avoid taxis, opt for walking

Local transports could prove to be extremely costly if you travel by taxis as these vehicles charge exorbitantly high in most of the countries. The best budget local transportation includes buses and metro rail. Most of the countries nowadays issue passes that let you travel for unlimited number of times in buses or metro for a certain period of time. Getting such a pass will save a lot of money. The best method to save money is by walking as that will let you know the place of your visit in a much better and closer way.

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