Can I smoke or chew gum in Singapore ? What are the local taboos in Singapore ?

Singapore is a multi-ethnic city with clean and tidy, and very focus on the terms of environmental protection, national respect. If you do not follow the below laws may offend the locals, even get heavy fines. Here are some taboos in Singapore you should know before your travel:

  1. Respect the custom of Islam: Into the mosque, you should take off their shoes. Don’t eat pork in front of the Malays as far as possible, and eating with the Muslim locals is best not to drink at dinner.
  2. No smoking: In addition to the shopping center, restaurants, places of entertainment and movie theaters equipped with air conditioning system, smoking is not allowed in Singapore. The metro (the MRT), public bus, taxi, elevator are no smoking, too. Recently, the Singapore government in public restaurants and most of the buildings entrance radius of 5 meters area have implemented the ban of smoking, only clearly divided with yellow paint is a specific smoking area. For the first time in violation of the provisions of the smokers will be fine of 1000 Singapore dollars.
  3. It is strictly prohibited to chewing gum: You can’t chew gum in Singapore, chewing gum smugglers will be sentenced to a year in jail and fines of up to $10,000 USD, but a few carriers do not count. Tourists take some for their own consumption is allowed.
  4. It is strictly prohibited to gambling: In addition to charity lotteries, TOTO, Singapore SWEEP lottery and handle racing through Wu Jiwan club outside bet, any other form of gambling is prohibited in Singapore.
  5. Durian is forbidden to enter the subway or bus, because the flavor of dense, in the subway and public bus carrying grenade will face fines.
  6. It is strictly prohibited in the subway station and car diet: Eating and drinking are banned and offenders may be fined.
  7. Pay attention to keeping the environment health: Spitting, littering may get fines of up to s 1000 Singapore dollars.
  8. Pedestrians must walk the sidewalk and pedestrian crossing: Climb over the rail will be fined, if there is no pedestrian crossing in the 50 m, from crossing the road under the traffic lights.
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